My Ring Collection | My Bank Balance Is Screaming.

I was going to write a full jewellery collection post, however I looked at my collection, saw how much I have and knew how much I would ramble on for no reason about the littlest thing and thought let me keep it short and sweet with a ring collection. All the rings I wear regularly and how I pair them together, grab a cuppa and I’ll begin.

Rings are my favourite piece of jewellery and I think an absolute must for everyday wear. I try and wear most of my rings on each finger, and love that stacked/crowded look.

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1. Missoma Bismuth Terra Gold Ring – £89.00

I love the brand Missoma and you’ll see it quite a bit as I ramble on throughout this blog post. This was the first ring I ever bought from Missoma and I still love it to this day, I think I bought it back in December 2019 so its not very old but it is lasting very well, no wear or tarnishing yet however I would say that Missoma sizing is a little off or maybe its just me buying the wrong size but I always find since buying more rings from them the sizing always comes up slightly bigger on me.

2. Astley Clarke Large Malachite Floris Ring – £125

A firm favourite. I absolutely love this ring, I’ve had it since January 2020 and even though I’ve only had it a month or so I just love it. I mean come on what isn’t there to love about it. The green and gold just complement each other so well. Its dreamy. Astley Clarke is a brand that I’ve only just started to take an interest in recently and honestly it’s dangerous, my bank balance is going to hate me. “I want it all”

3. Missoma Gold Nova Ring – £55.00

I told you that Missoma will make a reappearance in this post. This ring is so cute and dainty, I love it stacked on my other rings and the glittery effect on the star really brings something different to my collection. I bought this in the sale last year and I don’t regret, you can buy it to your size however you can stretch it (probably not supposed to) depending on how you want it to fit. p.s “I highly recommend the Missoma sales, currently 20% off now ends Monday *cough cough* “

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4. Vivienne Westwood Westminster Ring – £75.00

Now moving on to Vivienne Westwood, the only thing I can afford (well and a purse) from this brand. I absolutely love this Vivienne Westwood orange bag and waiting for a mysterious sale for it to appear in before I drop £400 on a bag. Anyway before I go off on a tangent and end up persuading myself into buying the bag lets get back to the ring. I think its so simplistic and sleek, has the words “Vivienne Westwood Mayfair” written around the band. I love it.

5. Topshop (They have a vintage stand in the Oxford Street Store, can’t remember the brand name) – £18.00

It’s such a shame you can’t buy this on the Topshop website, or buy other rings from the same brand. It was a little stand at the back of the Oxford Street store which had a variety of “vintage” style jewellery. I instantly picked it up and bought it as soon as I saw it , I’m a sucker for green accents on gold jewellery. It had to be mine. Its not tarnished, or turned my finger green just yet but I can imagine it be not quite far off from doing so for it being costume jewellery. In which even though its annoying when it happens, if I can find it again which fingers crossed I will I’m wouldn’t be mad at repurchasing it.

6. Monica Vinader Siren Stacking Ring – £75.00

Monica Vinader is a brand that you can only treat yourself to every once in awhile, so many pretty piece on their website but I would literally have to sell one of my kidneys to buy all the pieces I like. Its a very mature brand, which I think shows though with this ring. Ive worn this ring to death but then I will give myself a break from it due to it being my most elegant piece out of my collection.

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7. Missoma Rhodochrosite Gold Lena Ring – £59.00

Oh Missoma again. Shock. This is another cute ring, the rhodochrosite stone really adds a funky touch to the plain band. However, the only problem I do have with this ring, even though I do love it, the rhodochrosite stone isn’t overly bright/bold. From first glance it doest look pink, it looks like a very light brown which from the pictures that are shown online shows a completely different story. I do like to wear it stacked or even on my thumb just for the simple fact I don’t have enough fingers for it to fit elsewhere.

8. Pandora Shine Honeybee Ring – £55-60?

Ive had this ring a few years, and it’s still going strong. I really wish Pandora continued on with their gold jewellery collections, or made part two of this honeybee collection. It was such a pretty collection and was only limited edition, which is now all discontinued I believe from the UK. *sad face* I feel like I’ve slowly grown out of Pandora now, there was a period in my life where I would have charm bracelets, rings and earrings back when I was in my silver jewellery phase and would only wear pandora. However this ring always ends up back on my finger for most days, I like to stack it with the Monica Vianader Siren Ring.

9. Daisy London Isla Fossil Band Ring – £69.00

I want every piece of jewellery from Daisy London, especially their Estee Lalonde collections. I think they’re all so beautiful, especially this only piece of jewellery I own from the brand. The carved on shells are just a lovely touch in which you can only see once up close, well for bad eyesight anyway. I love how its crafted, it really adds a depth of beauty to my collection.

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10. Regal Rose Sacred Heart Signet Ring – £48.00

Regal Rose has such cool, badass statement pieces. And I must of thought I was cool enough to pull off this ring when I bought it early last year or even late 2018. I used to wear this ring to death back when I first bought it as you might be able to tell now due to its slight discolouring and tarnish, which is such a shame as its hard to wear now and slightly annoying due to it being on the higher end cost wise for saying it’s still “costume” jewellery. I may end up repurchasing it one day and not wear that one to death as much.

11. & Other Stories Shark Tooth Ring – £13.00

I bought this ring on a whim whilst I was in London many moons ago, it was my first ever purchase from & Other Stories and it defiantly wasn’t a disappoint. I mean look at it. Its so cute. “Its so fluffy, I’m going to die”. I wish I bought more of them whilst they were still available, because sadly mine has discoloured.

12. The M Jewellers The Coloured Bands Ring – $100 (£76.63)

This ring isn’t everyones cup of tea. Its very bright, barbie – esque, pink and PINK. And I love it. I only discovered this brand last year, and once discovering the brand they had 40% off their whole website and well that ended up with me buying barbies ring all in the same night.

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13. Pandora Shine Grains Of Energy Ring – £60.00

And to end this ramble, well done to you guys that made it this far. Im taking it back to old school Pandora. This is another firm favourite, a little touch of sparkly gems around the middle of the band to make it go from minimalist to glam. I love to stack this ring with my Missoma Bismuth Terra Gold Ring, they really compliment each other nicely. P.S. Can we get a petition running for Pandora to do more jewellery collection with gold materials. Please. Pretty Please.

I might do the rest of my jewellery collection…maybe earrings next? I hope you guys enjoyed, and are having a lovely day!

I Bought My First Designer Handbag | Impressions and Review

Hello, Hi, my name is Paris and “I’m an idiot sandwich” who hasn’t blogged in over a year. But hey better late than never and I’m hopefully back for good this time.

If you made it through the introduction then I hope you guys are having a lovely day, and enjoy todays ramble about my current handbag purchase. Let me take you back a few months ago when I was scrolling though a website called MATCHESFASHION UK and fell in love with a particular brand…..See By Chloe´. I’ve heard of the designer brand Chloe´ but never knew they had this sister brand, a more “affordable” brand on the side.

I found MATCHESFASHION UK, discovered the brand See By Chloe´and bought a handbag by the same brand all in one night. Probably not the most practical way of buying my first designer handbag but hey here I am to tell you guys.

I bought the See By Chloe´Emy Large Suede and Leather Tote Bag in Tan. What tempted me even more to buy the handbag not like I needed much persuasion was the fact it was on sale. I bought the bag for £311.00, its original price was either £420.00 or £445.00 (Im not sure now as its sold out).

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I thought I would go through the whole process of shipping, so I purchased the bag on the 23rd December 2019 and it arrived on the 24th December 2019. I was shocked actually with it being so close to Christmas and it came literally the following day, you do have to pay £5.00 for delivery within 2-3 days or pay £8.00 for next business day delivery. I paid £5.00 and I still received it the following day so I’m not sure how that worked, but I weren’t complaining. You also get to pick what sort of packaging your bag comes in, you can pick between the fancy, instagram worthy marble box free of charge or just your standard cardboard box which again is also free.

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My first impressions was simply me falling in love with it, the choice of colours compliment each other, the leather and suede is just an absolute dream. I was however a little underwhelmed by the size of it. I do like big tote bags and was imagining this one to be pretty big, but once it arrived it was slightly on the smaller size, I mean its averaged sized but that’s not what the impression I was getting from the images of it online. Even though the sizing isn’t what I was expecting it holds quite a lot, such as my makeup bag, laptop, books and a water bottle, with a little bit of a squeeze but does zip all the way up.

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Overall, I’ve non stopped used the bag since December 2019 so that just shows how much I’m in love with it, I am however going to give it a rest as the strapped that comes with the bag which can be added on for extra length is slightly wearing away which it annoying for saying the price I paid for it but it has made me more aware to take better care of it…So in it goes into the dust bag for a little rest from my heavy hands for a…month…week…a day or so.


  • Easy to navigate the website
  • Quick delivery
  • Packaged well and Secured
  • Comes with a detachable strap and dust bag


  • Slight wear on the detachable strap
  • Easily marks on the suede patches of the bag

First Impression | Milk Makeup ‘Kush’ Mascara

It has been 5 long months to get back into blogging, a lot of me writing up posts, proof reading them and then deleting them because it just wasn’t me. But now I am back I feel happier with my blog, new ideas I have for this blog and I cannot wait to share!

What good way to come back after a long break is a ‘first impressions’, old school.

“Milk Makeup” is a brand that has blown up since the past year or so or for what I’ve seen it has. I first saw Milk Makeup as a brand all over YouTube when a variety of influences made first impression videos, but what intrigued me the most and what made me do a cult beauty order just last week was Jeffree Starr Video on the Milk Makeup Kush Mascara around 9 months ago. That’s what got me first aware of the brand and the mascara and then just last week Cult Beauty announced that they now sell Milk Makeup on their website which of course I then had to make an order!


When I received the mascara in the mail and opened it up I was like damn it is heavy to hold. If you guys have watched the video where Jeffree Starr tried out the mascara then you would of heard him say that the mascara and its packaging felt heavy. In which I can confirm is true, it feels heavy and sturdy completely different to what most mascara packages are like.

In the UK the price for the mascara retails at £20.50 which is a pretty ‘high end price’ for a mascara. Brands like Benefit and Too Faced have mascara which are roughly around the £20.00. I always expect more and have higher hopes for a mascara that is more pricey to perform better and have better outcomes just because of the price you have paid.

The brush size did actually put me off at first..I’m used to smaller wands with shorter, more separated out bristles such as the benefit roller lash (my fav) but this particular mascara wand is thick and has very close together thin bristles. Reminds me a lot of the Rimmel mascaras.

Now the reason people had a lot of mixed reviews on the mascara was because of one of its main ingredients…cannabis oil. Milk Makeup explained the reasons why they used cannabis oil was because it gave “the mascara a smoother application when applied on lashes and prevented lashes from being tugged when applied and it also gives your lashes an additional conditioning benefit, making them healthy looking.”

Overall since me first using the mascara and times after that I have come to like the mascara, as you can see from my pictures (sorry for the trash quality) my lashes look lengthening and separated giving me a more fuller eye look. I do have to say due to the size of the mascara wand I did find it difficult to apply the mascara to my bottom lashes as I always ended up smudging.



Smudging also occurred later on in the day when I began to wear the mascara in, I don’t know whether that’s due to my body temperature, the weather or due to its hydrating ingredients that’s causing it to smudge but I do end up with a slight mark near my eyes bags near towards the end of the day which is a bit of a pain.


  • Lengthens Lashes
  • Lashes look fuller
  • Clump Free
  • Doesn’t tug on your lashes when being applied


  • It smudges easily
  • Wand is too thick for bottom lashes (causes smudging)
  • Not Water Proof