Overrated Products – Glossier

Ever since I wrote my New Year Resolution post I feel like a new me. I’m motivated, remembering to write down post ideas and just all around feel like I’ve kicked this year off to a good start. However, I am going to be a negative nancy for today’s post so grab your favourite drink and get settled. It is a long post, I ramble a lot.

Glossier. You have probably heard and seen this brand take over the beauty community last year and still going stronger than ever this year with their independence, uniqueness and their power to make any blogger/youtuber weak at the knees due to their packaging. Now I was one of these people to put their products in my shopping basket as soon as I heard they were shipping to the UK, I put my hands up and applaud glossier for their marketing and aesthetically pleasing social media, website and products because I am not one to just throw my money around for a brand I only had opinions from youtubers.

From Glossier I bought their “Phase 1 Set” which includes their Milk Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser, and a Balm Dotcom  ( glorified lip salve which can actually be used elsewhere besides the lips ). Now from first expressions I could not of been anymore happy, the packaging is to die for, very unique it looked like something peopleIMG_E0493 on PR lists get. I then opened them and used each of the products on a regular basis, within the first week the “uniqueness” from this brand that I once felt soon disappeared.

Lets start with the Milk Jelly Cleanser. I didn’t like it. It has a funny smell. ( something I shouldn’t be crying over but ) Its really off putting, it has a chemically but also clay like smell you know like industrial/building material clay sort of smell. And shortly after I used it on a daily basis, I began to get small little spots over the forehead and cheeks. I have combination skin, so of course I am common to spots, but I have never had small, tiny ones scattered all over my face. It just did nothing for my skin, but cause a problem. Its not a make up remover but I also used it after clearing near enough all my makeup with a makeup remover and I still had leftover residue of mascara and eyeliner near my eyes. So many rate this cleanser but for me and my skin type, it defiantly does nothing for it and I won’t be buying another bottle.

For those who do have combination skin and suffer with spots I would recommend the La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Hydrating Cleansing Cream, its £12.99 which is £2.00 cheaper than the Glossier cleanser and personally it cleared my skin, made it smooth and all around cleansed.

The Priming Moisturiser – is the next thing that comes in the set. I’ve tried better moisturiser that are cheaper and actually moisturisers the skin. My skin felt more dry after using it than before, I do suffer with some parts of my face that are dry, nothing major but its like as soon as I apply it to my face it sinks in to my skin in seconds but dries it. It has the same smell as the cleanser, again nothing to cry over, but maybe I wouldn’t be so put off by the smell if the moisturiser actually did its job.

Balm Dotcom ( scent – original ) – I actually like this product. (shock I actually like a glossier product) It has no scent, and does what any other lip salve does, it does keep your lips moisturised for a long period. I feel like the lip salve works best when you are lips aren’t chapped, as it does highlight broken skin on the lips which isn’t overly nice to IMG_E0497see but it does the job. I do have three other Balm Dotcoms, cherry, birthday and rose and each one of them are just as good as the original scent. The Birthday scent is my favourite.

Overall the “Phase 1 Set” isn’t worth the hype. There is better skincare sets out there that contain better products, worth the money that actually help your skin. Or even singular skin care products that you can buy and make up your own skin care routine with that suit your skin type. Just for me these products didn’t work for my skin type and I feel like they are over hyped due to their social media and every single youtuber/blogger are talking about them.

The next product I bought from Glossier and I don’t think is worth the hype is their Super Pure Face Serum. I’ve never tried a serum before buying this product, so really I have no way of comparing it to another product. But I just don’t understand what it does. I still use it but it does dry my skin as soon as I apply it, so I do rush to put moisturiser on after, but since using it, it hasn’t changed what my skin looks like. On the glossier websiteIMG_E0485 it says that the serum “calms breakout-prone skin and redness, use dropper to apply 3-4 drops directly onto clean face.” I just don’t see it doing that, and I use it every single day as part of my (so called) skin routine. It has put me off using serums as I feel like they are an extra step that does nothing for my skin. Personally, I don’t think its worth the hype. It costs £24.00 which is extremely over priced.

The last product that I bought from Glossier, is their Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. Disappointing. I love face masks, I think the only time where I take my “skincare” seriously is when I’m buying the newest face mask. One of the products I was looking forward to the most actually turned out to be a nightmare. The first time I used it, it burned my face. I felt my face go warm but I didn’t think anything of it until I took it off and my face was stinging and bright red around the cheeks and forehead area. It felt like it was on fire. However, silly me thought it could of been just a bad day and maybe I had applied it wrong so I looked on the Glossier website and found the instructions on how to apply it, I applied it again IMG_E0507still felt warm on my face and then took it off and did the exact same thing again. Made my face feel like it was on fire. The only positive thing that I could point out about the mask is the fact that it did make my skin sort of soft. Maybe I didn’t realise how sensitive my skin was but it has defiantly made me more aware on to probably do a patch test before fully trying out new skin products. I do not recommend the mask, especially for those who have sensitive skin. Defiantly not “soothing” at all.

Four cups of tea and 10 packet of biscuits later and the post has come to an end. Sorry for being such a “negative nancy” on this post but I feel like I had to get my opinion across on a brand that I see everywhere being praised. The products are probably good but not for me or my skin type. Tell me what you think. what do you guys think of glossier and their products?

Have a lovely day!




New Year Resolutions! ( a little late )

I have decided to be really cliche but I also feel like this year is going to be the year where I get my head into gear which is why for the first time I have come up with new year resolutions that I am going to stick at and document for you guys along the way. Happy New Year (9 days late)!


I am lazy. I started this blog a year ago and I am still not 100% committed to it then I thought I would be when I created it. I want to get more creative, post more regular and gravitate an audience that’s going to follow and enjoy each post that I submit. I want people to actually read and comment or even like instead of just skipping past uninterested. Which is why I am going to create a schedule, create lists of blog post ideas and hopefully this will give me motivation to stay on track and actually enjoy reading my blog posts.


Again, its called being lazy. I really want to invest more in to a skin care products and find some solid products that I can use to mock up a skincare routine to use day and night. I have purchased a few skincare item near to the end of 2017, mainly face masks, but I hope this has given me a kick up the bum at the start of this new year to finally have a clear, fresh glowy face. Who’s with me! I’ll defiantly be documenting my skin care journey in upcoming blog posts.


I haven’t read a good book since I was 10 years old and reading Jacqueline Wilson books. I don’t know I really fell out of love of reading a good few years ago and it honestly pains me to say it because I absolutely adored reading when I was younger. I think I still would continue to read if I actually picked the right books to read. I still have stacks of books that I bought in like 2015 still unread, and even has the receipt inside them. So I have made it my mission to read at least 10 books this year!


You have probably read this for the 20th time on a new years resolution blog post but here you are going to read it again. I eat rubbish, and a lot of it and I especially snack. So it wouldn’t do me any harm to swap chocolate for an apple, and the sofa for the gym. I am hoping to join the gym by the end of the month and gradually start eating more healthily. You will probably hear about this as well in upcoming blog posts!


Its sad that I hardly go anywhere beyond where I live, I always seem to stay in the same place. But now that I am older, have my own money I will be able to take more adventures out into different cities and with doing this I want to capture my experience and sights by bringing out my polaroid camera in which I recently bought

Five New Year Resolutions seem like enough don’t you think? I hope you all enjoyed this quick and brief post for the new year, expect to have a lot of blog posts on each and every resolution that I have set myself. Tell me what you think, what are your New Year Resolutions?

Have a Lovely Week!
















New Brand Alert! | What Did I Buy?

Get comfy, grab yourself a cup of goodness and get ready because I am back telling you guys what new brand has hit the market and what I bought from them for you guys to keep your eyes peeled for when you next shop.

I don’t know how recently but this brand has randomly appeared on a stand in my local Superdrug (drugstore store) out of know where in the past month or so and it is the brand “Bleach London.” Now you are probably thinking “bleach london? they are already brand that make products for your hair.” And you are right but they have nowIMG_0385 dabbled in to the world of makeup. They still make hair dye etc but with that comes now lip kits, singular eye shadows, highlighters, you name it they have even makeup brushes! They have come with a bang with all these new goodies to try. And I was suckered in to trying a few.

I do have to say the first thing that made me actually try this brand is because of the packaging. It is aesthetically pleasing and very edgy, with the marble, bright colour effect. So what did I buy…

I bought their “Bleach London BYO Palette – Small” for £8.00. Now I never got in to the hype of these “build your own palettes” when it was all the range with Makeup Geek a few years ago until later on when I bought the drugstore version which was the “Freedom Pro Artist Magnetic Palette” and I built up my singular eye shadows with this empty palette for only £5.00 a palette. In which compared to the size of the Freedom palette and the Bleach London there is a huge difference. The Freedom Palette you can carry up to 18 eye shadows and with the Bleach London Palette (small) you can only fit up to 9 pans. However, Bleach London haven’t just come out with the small palette that I bought but they also came out with a Large Build Your Own Palatte which costs £10.00 which can fit up to 28 pans. I think since buying the Bleach London palette IMG_0388and already owning the Freedom palette I more likely recommend to you guys the Freedom Palette if you are looking for a drugstore version of the Makeup Geek Makeup Your Own Palette. First off the Bleach London Palette is cardboard now that’s not always a bad thing but if I took it travelling with me and something spilt on it can dampen the packaging and cause it to break away. And for £2.00 less you can get the Freedom Palette which is made of plastic that is more sturdy. (just saying). Other than that there is nothing more to talk about, its an empty palette that could be made for less and be made out of a better material but its a fun little thing to build up on if its your first ever Create Your Palette and if you are collector of makeup like me then its something fun to have in your collection. Plus the cardboard cartilage it comes is so pleasing to look at.

I thought to stick to the theme of the palette I decided to pick up a “highlighter” to put inside it. Now I am quoting the word highlighter because I personally will not be using it as a highlighter. It is their “Bleach London Legal Highlighter – Berwick St Floor” I am no photographer but from the photos I have taken you can see that the highlight is an orange shimmer shade. My skin is very fair and I would never be able to pull this off as a highlighter but for those who have a darker complexion than me I still don’t think it would look good as a highlighter. But that’s just my opinion, I think its too much of aIMG_0390 glittery/shimmmery orange for it to be pulled of as a highlighter but the reason I did buy it was because I thought it would be perfect as as an eye shadow. I am really into my oranges at the moment and love plastering them over my eyes, so with it being a shimmery orange it made my day. The highlighters cost £4.50 each. They have a range of different shades of highlighters to what I assume should fit all types of complexions and I can defiantly say this one is extremely pigmented. I’m excited to use it as an eye shadow!

The last thing I bought was “Bleach London Glitterati – Rose” it states on the packaging that it is a body glitter, now I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t put body glitter in a pan or even in a pan the size that it is. Its a very small pan. I don’t use body glitter and the only reason I did buy it was because I thought it was an eye shadow. I found the description for the product online and it states that it cane be applied anywhere. So I still might use it as an eye shadow but just with caution…as the glitter goes everywhere. I IMG_0395think its clever when glitter is compressed and no glue is needed to apply it which is what Bleach London claiming it does just that. When I first swatched it, it didn’t feel like chunky glitter however once I took it out of the packaging the glitter just about covered every inch of the floor and it began to feel like chunky glitter when I swatched it. However it still does come up on the skin and doesn’t feel irritable which is good if I do put it on my eyes. They cost £5.00 each, 50p for more than the highlighter which I thought was strange as its a smaller pan.

And that is it. I do wish I bought more now just too extend this blog post and too also try a different variety of their products. I might try a lip kit next so keep your eyes peeled for that post. But for saying they are new to the world of makeup they have done really well to bring out every single makeup product that you could think of without doing it in stages etc. What do you guys think? Have you


tried anything from this brand? Tell me what you think in the comments! Have a lovely sunday.


The Best Eyeliner Ever?

Its the 1st December, crack out the pigs in blankets and the Michael Buble album because its time to celebrate!

For today’s post I thought I would give you guys a review. Now from the title as you can see (spoiler alert) I’m very happy about this product and it seems to be the best of the best, so get comfy, grab the blankets ( its currently 6 degrees ) and put the kettle on.

Now if you have read a few of my blog posts in the past then you would know that my favourite makeup product is…eyeliner. I could go on about eyeliner all day, it really changes your look going from 0 to 100 in seconds (more like 10 hours when trying to carve the perfect flick) and its very little effort when you master it to suit your eye shape. Now I am no expert when it comes to makeup, especially eyeliner, mine just comes from about three years of practising , but believe me even to this day one eye would go perfect and then when it comes to doing eyeliner on the other its like I revert back to being 5 years old again and holding a crayon to a piece of paper making scribbles.

After those years of trialling and testing all different types of eyeliner applicators (liquid, felt tip, eyeliner brush etc) I have come to the conclusion that my most preferred eyeliner applicator is a “felt tip/marker pen”. I think I have tried just about if not all of the eyeliners that are sold in boots/superdrug (drugstore brands) and not enough high end brands but a few weeks ago I decided to make a little more of a splurge on my eyeliner as I was sick of coming home from work with a smudge across the creases of my eyes. I picked up the “Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner” now you have probably all heard of this eyeliner by now, as I’m always late to the party, but I didn’t realise they sold it in my local Marks and Spencer’s so I picked it up for £14.50. Now I have never img_0342.jpgspent over £10.00 for my eyeliner but here I am with an eyeliner that costs more than a meal at your local pub. If you haven’t heard about this eyeliner or brand before then like I do with all my reviews I break down the item. Stila is a an american brand that I have seen recently blow up over the past two years mainly because of the amount of influences on youtubers and bloggers that rave on about their products, but they have been an established brand fro the past 20 years. They sell everything. Well everything makeup related. All having the high end price tag on them. But like I said after being fed up with the constant smudging of my last eyeliner, I thought why not treat myself to an eyeliner that costs more and hopefully does a better job. I also didn’t realise that this eyeliner comes in a variety of colours, ranging from your generic black and brown colour to a green and blue for the more adventurous types. Now because I wanted this eyeliner for every day purposes I purchased the “intense black”, I might go more adventurous for next time.

The official Stila website states that the product is “Finally a waterproof liquid liner that glides on with ease, won’t smudge or run, and stays in place until you say when! ” Now I img_0347.jpghave been a fool and have fell for the “waterproof eyeliner ” before in the past but I still ended up with panda eyes within the hour I applied it. So whats my opinion….

I can confirm in my opinion it is the best eyeliner I have ever used. From first application it glided on without me really digging in to my skin to just get a slither of pigment. And its like the first application over and over again and I have had it for more than a month now. Its a very well pigmented black, it feels extremely “liquid like” when applied to the skin, sort of oily, but once dried. It sticks. I work 12.5 hour shifts, running around, sweating and honestly the first hour of my shifts my makeup just evaporates. But this eyeliner will stay on from 6:00am till 20:00 at night when I take it off, now it would probably last longer if I didn’t remove it at night. I could imagine it lasting for a full 24 hours. Even the temperatures that I work in, the amount of running around that I do and not once does it move off my face or make a “smudge ring” around the creases of my eyes.

If I could recommend any makeup product to you guys it would be this. Now of course I haven’t tried all of the other eyeliner colours, so I don’t know if they all have the same formula/pigmentation but I defiantly would recommend the “Intense Black” shade. It is the best of the best. Now if you are a die hard drugstore girl like me and could never see yourself touching a high end product believe me its worth it. Save that bit of extra moneyimg_0348.jpg for this eyeliner, its worth all of those eyeliners you have tried in the past. Now because I do not have photos of my eyeliner, because I kept forgetting g every time I wore it so I could shows you guys how well it works on the eyes I might do a get ready with me post where I will be using it so you guys can see how well it lasts for! Stay tuned for it.

I hope you all enjoyed, tell me what you think? What is your go to eyeliner? Have a lovely day and leave a comment down below.

What I Bought On Black Friday | All About Beauty.

Its been awhile. I think that’s the opening sentence to every single blog post I write just recently because of the simple fact that work has taken over my life. I extremely dislike the fact that I’m never active or really motivated at the moment with my blog, its not like I don’t want to blog its just having the time to sit down and organise. I’m not good at that. But I know what I am good at, shopping. Of course you would of all known that it has been sale central in all of your local shopping centre this week with everyone scrambling about to get a good deal. I spent over £300 this week on a mixture of shoes, clothes and makeup. oops. So I thought what a good idea to hopefully get back in to the swing of things by showing and telling you guys what makeup I picked up from Beauty Bay.

Beauty Bay is a UK website which sells makeup ranging from drugstore to high end and this week for Black Friday they had 30% discount on absolutely everything. And I mean everything. Unfortunately for some people they missed out on some good deals due to the high volume of individuals accessing the website on Friday which resulted in people waiting in a queue with about 10,000 people in front of them. However, I bought my makeup in the week as they had this discount on all week…here is what I bought.

The first thing I rushed to look at and what I have been wanting to get my hands on for awhile is a Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick.  I have heard so many good things about his formula for his liquid lipstick that I had to at least buy one, but wasn’t willing to buy them at full price for £16.00. So obviously when Beauty Bay discounted them down for £11.20 each I couldn’t refuse. I placed the shade names Androgyny, Deceased, Celebrity

Celebrity Skin

Skin and Gemini into my shopping basket but when it came to checking out I could only buy Celebrity Skin and Deceased. A pain when the other two sold out but I was lucky enough to get my hands on at least two of his lipsticks. They are what I imagined, well a little smaller then I thought from the photos I have seen of them but they are the very exact colour they are compared to the pictures online. I have not tried them on my lips yet so I might save that for a separate blog post, if anyone would like to read that? but then again I am probably too late to give my review after their is probably enough circling the internet. Only some shades are still discounted on the website but most are back to their normal price of £16.00.

Again the next thing I rushed to get my hands on is something from Mario Badescu. Their ever so famous Drying Lotion.  A very hyped, more or less a cult classic in a lot of beauty gurus/bloggers collections and I of course fell for it. It originally costs £16.00 for 29ml of product, which of course I wasn’t willing to spend but when it had 30% knocked off it and it became £12.80 I put it straight in my shopping bag.  Its such a tiny bottle, cute but also “what in the word made me buyimg_0340.jpg it”, hopefully its going to clear my skin and make me look…healthy. I am a sucker for skincare products just recently so I didn’t just buy their drying lotion I also bought their Facial Spray With Aloe Cucumber and Green Tea.  Another staple piece that everyone has raved about over the past year which has now ended up in my collection, it originally costs £7.00 for 118ml of product and with 30% off I got it for £5.99 which is roughly the price range for other facial sprays in the drugstore, who could say no. I have already used it on my face, it is a little early o have my final verdict but I can say it smells nice and fresh. And looks like it could last me quite awhile.

The next two products are the same. They are mascaras from two different brands. I wasn’t intending to get a new mascara because I am happily enjoying the mascara I have at the moment but couldn’t refuse due to the packaging of the first mascara. It is by a brand called Too Cool For School and it is their Dinoplarz Escalator Mascara. I have never heard of this brand before but from what I have seen they are more of a skincare brand than a makeup brand but I couldn’t refuse putting the mascara into my basket IMG_0313because of the packaging. Oops never thought the day would come for me to buy a product just for the packaging. Money has gone to my head. But it has dinosaurs on it and I am obsessed. It originally costs £22.50 for 6.5g of product but due to the discount I got it for £18.00. I am not hoping for much to be honest,  due to the shape of the wand applicator but I am still going to give it a try and if it doesn’t work out then at least I have a cute mascara I can display.

The other mascara I bought is by the brand Eyeko. Now I actually know this brand due to to constant videos from beauty bloggers raving on about their mascaras. I picked up their Sport Waterproof Mascara Travel Size. You can buy it full sized but due to me still being wearying on how good this mascara was I thought it would of been best to buy it as a mini. It orginally costs £10.00 but I got it for £6.99.img_0309.jpg Again, I haven’t tried it out yet but I am hoping good things. You can never have enough mascaras I guess. But it isn’t my usual mascara wand that I like so cross your fingers for me that it works magic on my short stubby lashes.

People suffer with chapped lips, mainly in the winter when the temperature drops. Me, well its all year round. I have chapped lips no matter what the season or temperature is I always have sore, chapped lips. I have tried just about every single lip balm on the market and nothing works, makes it worse to be honest. Lip Scrubs work for about two minutes and then they go back to their usual state. It makes me feel uncomfortable, I have this img_0311.jpgconstant fear that people can see my chapped lips and they become extremely painful at times. However, the one thing I haven’t tried is a lip oil. This is my last resort I swear. Does anyone else have this problem though, not just in the colder months but its just a constant occurrence with sore, dry lips. Yes To is a brand that I am very much used to due to haven tried a variety of their products and one being my favourite moisturiser from their Tomato range. In their coconut range they have a Cooling Lip Oil in which I am hoping solves all of my problems.  It originally costs £8.00 for 8ml of product but I got it for £5.60.

The last product that I bought and it is the most exciting thing I had bought out of this whole haul and is well worth staying till to the end of this post to see it. It is the Juvia’s Place The Magic Palette. I am so happy I got my hands on this palette and was actually shocked at the fact that it didn’t sell out. The palette actually looks “magical”, beautiful shimmers and bold primary colours. I have never loved a palette so much before. I swear it actually spoke to me. Juvia’s Place became well established when Youtuber Nikkiimg_0328.jpg Tutorials released her review video on their products and ever since I have been wanting to get my hands on one of their palettes. You get 16 eye shadows for £30.00 but due to the discount I got it for £18.00, I have never been so happy on a product being discounted before up until now. Its an absolute bargain. I am probably raving about it because I am so used to drugstore makeup.  I don’t think I have ever touched a palette that costs over £10.00, so having it in my collection amazes me. I defiantly did a few cheeky swatches and from first impressions, the shadows are what imagine but better, pigmented and buttery formula. I will defiantly have to give you guys a full review and maybe even a look with this palette!

Altogether I spent £89.38. If I bought all of these products at their original price it would IMG_0329of totalled up to £125.50. What a bargain. I saved £36.12. In which I continued to spend on a pair of shoes and clothes. I hope you guys enjoyed, tell me what you think of todays post, did you guys get any bargains in the sale?

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead of you!

Glossier Haul | How Much?

Hello! I hope everyone is well, after a month of not posting I thought I would come storming back in with a haul by a brand that has literally been taking over the internet and really making a name for itself within the blogging community. As you can see from the title it is a “Glossier Haul”, so put the kettle and get comfy because this one is going to be a long one.

Glossier is a brand that has blown up over the past year, it is originally a US brand but over the past week or so they finally started shipping their products to the UK. If you have been hiding away from social media for awhile or just been living under a rock then Glossier in my opinion ( completely wrong probably ) is a brand which aims at individuals who love the “simple life”. Products that are not to over the top, in which can be used to create looks that are more for every day life. ( going to work, popping out to the shops etc ). Its such a “trendy brand”, you know the likes of Colour Pop or The Ordinary, where they have really hit big with influences and bloggers all around the world with their “statement” packaging and that “alternative” vibe it gives off compared to the big brands like MAC or L’Oreal. They are trying be different, and break the traditional beauty brands with their originality.

I first heard of the brand Glossier when I was watching a video by The Anna Edit I’m not sure which one it was now because there was a month where you were just overpowered by the amount of influences on youtube that were mentioning this brand. But she has recently released a video on reviewing all of the Glossier products and giving her final verdict which I think is really important to check out if you are interested in making a purchase at the end of her video or my blog post.

Before I ramble any more, I know you are all only interested in one thing and that is what I bought?

The first product that I was not hesitant on buying was one of their famous/cult classic products and that is a “Balm Dotcom”. It is a lip and skin salve basically, that come in six scents. I wanted to buy the “Birthday” scent which according to other individuals it actually smells like “birthday cake” and has a slight shimmer/glitter effect when applied to lips, they cost £10.00 each for 15ml, crazy price for the amount you get but I gave in to the hype. Then I saw that you could buy three for £25.00 instead of £10.00 each so I decided to pick the scents “Cherry” and “Rose” within this  “Balm Dotcom Trio”When I opened them up I was very surprised on the size, I knew they only contained 15ml of product but I was defiantly surprised at how small they were especially when I saw pictures of them on instagram they looked a lot bigger etc. ( don’t be fooled ). I love thePTQS5770 packaging, the boxes they came in were very unique and just fitted the theme for each one of the lip balm scents. The rose scent balm was quite overpowering at first and I would say it can be quite off putting for individuals that are really sensitive to smells but it does add a lovely clear/touch of pink over the lips, the cherry scent smells like sweets/candy that are cherry tasting/scented ( that probably doesn’t make sense ) and has a subtle deep red tint over the lips when applied but can still be pulled off as your natural lip shade. And the Birthday scent smells like vanilla, not really “cake like” but it gives a lovely glittery lip that isn’t too much, or that looks like you’ve just used a lip gloss that’s for young children, its subtle and reflects nicely in the sun light.

I then decided to look into their skincare section and came across a face mask. I love a good face mask and decided to buy the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Mask. I need a good detox once in awhile and just recently my skin has been in such a bad way that it has really made me feel low and uncomfortable at times. Spots are the absolute worst. But I IMG_0159thought I might try out some new skincare products and came across their detoxing face mask. I already have a detoxing face mask and it the L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask ( of course you would of all heard of this mask by now ) in which I absolutely love, it really dries out and you can feel your spots being cleaned out by the mask, so I do have high expectations for this Glossier mask. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Mask costs £18.00 which is quite expensive for a mask that has roughly 85ml of product. Similar to the Balm Dotcom Trio you can bundle together the other face mask that Glossier have, in which they become a duo bundle for £30 instead of £18.00 each. But because I wanted just a detoxing mask to get rid of my spots instead of their Moisturising Moon Mask which supposedly “moisture’s and reforms elasticity”.

Still keeping on the topic of skincare, I then came across the Glossier Phase 1 Set this includes their own Cleanser, Moisturiser and a Balm Dotcom. It went straight in my basket. I thought why not complete a new skincare routine with the basics, instead of having to shop around elsewhere trying to find a cleanser, moisturiser all separately etc when it all comes in one set together! I’ve not heard a lot of reviews about this set so I am very intrigued but also nervous on how it reacts with my skin. Apparently its suitableIMG_0173 for all skin types ( I don’t know how? ) and those who have sensitive skin, so of course I am expecting a miracle to happen on my skin when I finally get around to trying them out. Within this set it does come with a Balm Dotcom, so I thought I would be really basic and choose their “original” scent which can be placed not on the lips but also cuticles and general rough patches of skin. I now have 4 Balm Dotcoms out of 6 and this is my first ever order from Glossier..I now have a problem but also wondering when I’m going to buy the other two! The idea of these bundles is to save IMG_0163money, so for The Phase 1 Set I saved £8.00 compared to if I bought the cleanser, moisturiser and the balm dotcom separately. Altogether the Phase 1 Set comes to £35.00 in which for a basic skincare set I personally think is pretty good I will be expecting it to work wonders on my skin. Would you guys like to see a monthly update on all of the products I have used to see if my skin has changed since using the products daily? Comment and tell me if you do.

The last product I bought, and I have just realised that this has become more of a skincare haul, is the Super Pure Serum. I mentioned earlier that my skin has been really bad at the moment with a huge breakout of spots and redness which I have suffered for many years that has gotten worse again, I then came across this serum and thought it would be really good to try because its exactly what I need. Apparently, the serum “soothe redness and help calm blemishes, respectively—especially useful during that time just before your period.” I love the marketing and descriptions on the glossierIMG_0162 website, it so honest. I mean no other brand would mention the time of the month/periods or have pictures of chips and junk food as some individuals may get offended by it. I mean the model in the picture actually has a spot on their chin! Try and tell me another brand that does that.  But this serum looks like something I seriously need in my life. I think it is expensive for what you receive however. It costs £24.00 for only 15ml of product. 15ml of product can you believe that! Maybe it just shocks me because I’m so used to being a drugstore girl so anything over £10.00 for a product sends me in to a cardiac arrest.  But I did make the purchase and I’m hoping for my skin to be as clear as today’s sky. You can buy the other two serums including this one as a “trio” to save £12.00.

And that is it guys, sorry its been a long one. You are probably on your third cup of tea by now after this blog post. Altogether I spent £102.00 but thanks to the person that was on twitter who shared their discount code and it came down to £81.60! If you would like to see an update on any of the products comment below and tell me what you think? Have a lovely day!

Glossybox (My First) – September Edition

I have decided after awhile of giving myself a break from beauty subscriptions I would start one up again, if you didn’t know a few months ago I was part of the monthly subscription of Birchbox. Now I am gonna keep it brief but basically I got bored of the products that I was receiving every month from them, and it was a shame because it was my first ever monthly subscription box. But I have decided to start one up again and it is the Glossybox Monthly Subscription. I was looking at the variety of different beauty subscriptions and thought that Glossybox was the most reasonably priced with still such quality products.


On the website, you can look at a variety of different things relating to the brand, how the boxes work and the subscription options. Now because I know how a beauty subscription works I went straight to the subscribe option but of course if you are new to monthly subscriptions there is a option for you to click on and to read up on how it works through visual, written and video explanations. When you get to the “subscribe” option you get to pick between 4 options ranging from a 3-month plan, 6-month plan, monthly plan and a 12-month plan. I didn’t want to be tied down so I decided to pick the “monthly plan” this meant that I could cancel at anytime. Unlike the other monthly plans where you had to pay a lot more upfront first to then receive it every month, for example if you decide to purchase the “12-month plan” you will have to pay £141.00 upfront instead of like the monthly plan where you pay £13.25 each month.

With each of the boxes no matter what subscription you decide to choose you always receive 5 beauty products. Now one of the reasons why I did decide to purchase my first box was because Glossy Box are currently offering an extra two gifts with every box for those who are new members, I am not sure how long this offer is on for but I think its worth it for what you get.


I purchased my first box on the 3rd September and it arrived on the 12th September, so it just took over a week for it to arrive. Now I think that it’s good considering with other beauty subscriptions it takes up to the end of each month for it to arrive. The box arrives img_6980.jpgin cardboard and then once opened it comes in a classy, pink packaged box with the title “Glossy Box”. Its so simple but really sophisticated and girly like. I think all new members receive the exact same “staple” box for their first box. It is wrapped inside with pink paper tissue, ribbon and a sticker to keep all the products inside a “secret” and secure.


I cannot lie the first product that took my eye first was the Kinder Bueno Bar that was just lying there waiting for me to eat it. Food takes over my love for makeup in the majority of cases but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy with what I got in my first box besides the food.

The first “beauty” product I picked up was the “StyloLondon Siligel Blender – Clear”, I am sure we have all heard of these by now from famous youtubers and instagram videos, being a rival for the famous Beauty Blender. The product retails for £5.99 inIMG_6990 which if its good its a pretty reasonably price compared to the official Beauty Blender. Apparently you can use the blender for not just foundation but for also face cream as it is more hygienic compared to the rival beauty blenders. It is also a full sized version.

The next product I picked and the one I am looking forward to the most to trying out is the “Cetaphil Mini Skincare Trio”. I am really loving skincare at the moment and want to invest in it more and was actually looking for some skincare products to try out. I have heard of the brand  “Cetaphil” but I never knew I could IMG_6987purchase any of their products in the UK. The trio includes their own Cleanser, Moisturising Cream for the Face and Body. Apparently their cleanser is “iconic” and has high ratings, so I am defiantly intrigued to see if it does wonders for my skin. Each product retails at of course a more expensive price, the cleanser costs £14.99, the moisturising cream costs £8.99 and the moisturising lotion costs £14.99.

 I then picked out the “Rodial Suede Lips Crayon – Big Apple” I love a good lip product and I don’t think I will ever stop until I come to the perfect formula and lip colour. Could this be the lip product that I have been looking for? Who knows but the lip colour is looking promising, its a soft berry matte shade and the formula is veryimg_6996.jpg creamy when swatched. These lip crayons cost £22.00 each so its all good that I received one in my box

The next product I received is the “Pixi By Petra Brow Tamer” now I don’t touch my eye brows, I don’t put any product on them nor do I really need to keep them maintained. I mean yes they could do with a bit of a clean up with the loose strands of hair that grow out of your eye brow shape but other than that I am quite lucky. However, it wouldn’t do me any harm to img_6997.jpgtry out an eye brow product for once and being this a product that isn’t going to drastically change the shape or colour of them I might as well try it out, plus I have always wanted to try out products from Pixi Beauty. The full size version of this eye brow product cost £12.00.

Now I am also very excited to try this product out and it is the “Monu Skincare Firming Fiji Facial Oil”. Like I said earlier I have really been in to my skin care and I want to try out new products plus find a new routine that will suit my skin and hopefully work miracles on it. I am a little worried about using a facial oil only because my skin is combination skin and I do not want to break out my skin any more than it already does. I do have high hopes for it however and will defiantly be using it in my new every day routine. ItIMG_6993 costs £21.95 for the full size bottle. I may do a review on the products you can officially buy on either the brands website or can buy in stores, plus I will hopefully being doing a skincare routine soon as I am hoping to purchase one brand only products and testing them out to see how well they work with combination skin.


Now these product were not given to all members but to those who joined Glossy Box in September, and due to me being one of those members I received two extra products. The first products Glossy Box kindly gifted us was “Bellapierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder”, now in all honestly I might not use the product and actually give it away but I IMG_6994still haven’t decided yet. I know setting powders especially banana ones have become hugely popular over the past few years, so it may actually be interesting to try it to see what the hype is about. It retails for £17.95.

The last extra product I received and one I am also very pleased with is the “Spectrum A10 Fan Brush”. I have always wanted to try Spectrum brushes but never gotten around to purchasing them on Beauty Bay, for no particular reason, and then when I saw this one in my box I was over the moon, Its not an overly versatile brush and mainly  for highlight and otherIMG_6988 powder products but I have very high hopes for it to be very good like every one says these brushes are. From first impressions its very soft and sturdy! It retails for £5.00.

And that is it for this months edition of Glossy Box. First impressions I would say it has set a high standard from what I am used to seeing from other beauty boxes, I wasn’t expecting well-known and high standard branded products and I am defiantly looking forward to trialling and testing them out to then report back to you guys. Did anyone else receive their glossy box or another beauty box this month? What did you get? Have a lovely weekend.