Things That Currently Make Me Happy | Current Favourites

Ive been loving a few products at the minute and thought what a best way to share it with people by making a blog post dedicated to them, so here it goes grab some snacks and get comfy.


The first product that I have been absolutely loving at the moment and it comes to no surprise because I’ve lost count of how many times this product has been mentioned throughout the beauty community and it is the “Benefit BaDgal Bang Mascara”. I am in love with this mascara, I think its the best mascara I’ve tried since the Benefit Roller Lash mascara and I honestly never thought I would say that. It wont be everyone’s cup of tea, its true it does go clumpy but I feel like it dramatises and makes your lashes pop even more. The mascara is extremely black in which I love because again it makes it stand out even more, I do struggle a little with my bottom lashes as the wand is a little big and I do have to admit it does transfer a little on the bottom lashes when it rains. But for me it doesn’t stop me from using it every day, my lashes have never looked better since using the mascara and I don’t think ill be converting to anything else in a long while. Benefit did a really good job with this mascara at turning my straight, stumpy lashes into false looking lashes. It retailers everywhere in the UK for £21.50 and you can also buy the mini size for £10.50. Boots, Debenhams, John Lewis, Official Benefit Website plus more all sell the mascara either online our in store.

Ive not bought much beauty products recently as I guess Ive been restraining myself from doing so just to save a little bit of money, but I am going to mention a perfume that I bought awhile back that I seem to using a lot recently again and it is the “Jo Malone – Peony & Blush Suede Cologne”. This is my first ever Jo Malone perfume and I do not regret buying it. It’s a lovely perfume that I wish I could just bathe in, its from their floral scent range. It’s just such an easy perfume to wear, day and night. It’s not overpowering but it does last all day, which is an absolute plus. I just wish Jo Malone was more affordable! I bought the 30ml bottle and that was £45.00 from Selfridges, I couldn’t afford the 100ml bottle for £90.00. I just about afforded the 30ml bottle however it was worth it, I have never smelt any other perfume like it. And it defiantly hasn’t put me off trying the other fragrances in their ranges, when I get around to treating myself again. In the UK you can buy Jo Malone products either online or in store from Selfridges, House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols and the Official Jo Malone Website.


Moving away from beauty comes accessories. Ive really been into sunglasses recently, I’m not sure why because we have had non stop snow, rain, wind, rain, rain, oh and rain. But that doesn’t stop me from wearing sunglasses when a little bit of sun peaks through them miserable clouds. The pair of glasses that I have been loving are these round lens H&M ones. They have a gold frame, and a green/gold tint to the lens and just suit any outfit. They are very trendy and I don’t know if its just me but don’t they look a little like Ray Bans. Maybe a dupe. They help block the sun, but I wouldn’t class them to be full uv protection, more of a fashion accessory. They cost £6.99 which is a lot cheaper compared to the likes of other High Street Brands like Topshop and River Island. Now having these it makes me want to buy the other tinted colours like the blues, pinks and black. I just think they will look so cool in summer to just top off an outfit.

The other accessory that I have been loving is the “Pandora Shine Honey Bee Ring”. I have been a fan of pandora jewellery for years and even mention them in one of my recent blog posts but as soon as they released this collection of gold plated pieces I just about want it all. Gold jewellery is my favourite and just compliments an outfit. I’m not sure why honey bees have become a trend but I’m all for it, especially if they are all gonna look as cute as this ring. My photo doesn’t justify at how nice this ring is. The band is shaped as honeycomb and has a single honey bee to compliment the whole ring. I love it, unfortunately I cannot find it online anymore but I’m sure you can find it in your local pandora store. It was roughly £60 maybe a little more or less. The whole collections is very pretty and unique, I’m already wanting to buy a necklace from the same collection that I might just get in next months wage.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but sliders are becoming part of my life. I have been wanting a pair of branded sliders for awhile. And the pair that I fell in love with and broke the bank are the “Puma Fenty Leadcat Sliders FU Gold”. Like I said they are defiantly not everyone’s preferred footwear, but I think they are the nicest pair of sliders that I have seen compared to the typical design. They go with any outfit which is a plus and will look really nice in summer in pair of blue jeans or a jumpsuit. They aren’t overly practical and I wouldn’t wear them on long walks etc, but for everyday outings or being comfy around the house in and believe me they are comfy and sturdy. They cost £64.99 which is extremely pricey compared to other branded sliders but I don’t regret buying them and I think they will last a very long time and I just want the other colours in this design.


“Food Glorious Foodddddd” Food is just a current favourite all year round but there is three food/drink products that I have non stop eating/drinking….its become unhealthy. The first product is the “Alpro Soya Chocolate Shake”. I think I’ve lost count of how many cartons I’ve been through of this milk but its so damn good. I started off with the large cartons and then discovered in Sainsbury’s recently that they sell little cartons of the milk in a pack of three for £1.50. They taste so good, if you are looking for a chocolate milk vegan alternative then this is it. And a healthier chocolate milk alternative which has 30% less sugar than other chocolate milk then this is for you chocolate cravers. It tastes exactly like chocolate milk, I cant tell a difference and if its going to be healthier for me then even better. The second food product that I have been loving is the “Fibre One 90 Calorie Salted Caramel Bar”. There is a little bit of a theme here..healthier snack alternatives. Instead of snacking on chocolate and other unhealthy snacks try these Fibre One bars, now the are still unhealthy if eaten excessively but not as bad as other full fat bars. AND THEY ACTUALLY TASTE LIKE CARAMEL. They are so good it doesn’t feel like there is any difference even though they are only 90 calories a bar, they cost like £2.00 for a box of 5. Both of these food products can be bought from any supermarket in the UK, if you are looking for good snack alternatives. They are too good to miss out on. The last product that I have been absolutely loving drinking is the “Innocent Bubbles Sparkling Apple & Berry drink.” If I had to drink something for the rest of my life it would be this exact drink. It’s so tasty and really strange at the same time, It has that smoothie taste/texture but then bubbles and it’s honestly confusing but I’m all about it. It’s such a good twist on a smoothie, and would be great in summer to cool down with or if you are like me will be buying it all year round every time I pop into Sainsbury’s. They cost £1.35 and its the best £1.35 I spend every single time I get one. So if the company Innocent is reading then please send me a crate of them and I will happily sponsor it. Jokes aside all three of these products you guys need to try out and taste for yourself at how nice they are!


In this little section of the post I’ve sort of grouped together the products that don’t fit into a category but they still need a mention. The first product in this fandoms favourite is my “Apple Pencil”. I sort of wanted to make a separate post a while ago about me recently purchasing an IPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. So if anyone would like a post on my iPad Pro and what apps I use etc then I would be happy to do so. But I thought I would give the Apple Pencil a quick mention as it really compliments my iPad. Ive really been into designing and hopefully bring more exciting things to my blog by using the Apple Pencil, I now do not use my iPad without having the pencil at my side. It does cost £89.00, which I had to sell one of my kidneys to afford but it is well worth the investment as I now never not use it.

Still keeping on the themes of gadgets, I also bought a Polaroid camera recently. It is the “Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera – Lime Green”. Ive never felt enjoyment before when taking pictures, its always a frustrating experience trying to get the right angle and lightening but with a Polaroid camera you sort of go with the flow and just take pictures of anything and everything. It’s not the best quality camera, it doesn’t give you a clean cut, clear picture but it gives you that rustic feel of being “old school” and having physical copies of memories instead of it being taken on your phone. I did get my from Urban Outfitters in the sale but that sale ended awhile ago and they are now retailing at £79.00, I think the cheapest you are going to get it in the UK is from Argos as they currently sell them for £69.00. It’s such a good little investment to take to events, festivals or gathers to play around with friends and family. The film is roughly £15.00 for 20 shots which isn’t that bad compared to other films for cameras.

And the last random favourite is a pair of headphones. I love my music and always enjoy finding better headphones/earphones to make the quality of my music sound better. The headphones that I have been raving about are the “Sony MDRXB950AP Headphones”. I’m no expert when it comes to music and what the best headphones are but when I tried these I thought they had the best sound quality. I even tried a pair of Beats Headphones and they were even better than them. They are comfy to wear and fit any phone/iPod which of course is a plus, I just think they are such good quality for the price. They cost £74.99 which I think is quite reasonable for the quality of sound. I suggest everyone converting to over the head earphones they are just so much better.

I hope you all enjoyed, tell me what you think? What are your favourites at the moment?


My Honest Review On The Brand GlamGlow

It’s nearly been a month since my last blog post, I’ve currently been trying to revamp my blog and change the theme and the overall layout of it. But I’m so picky and I cant make a final decision on what I want my blog to look like and what content to post which of course then delays the amount of blog posts. However, I am back with a post that involves a review of a brand that is extremely overhyped, get comfy, grab the chocolate and I’ll begin.

If you didn’t know, GlamGlow is an American brand that was founded in 2010. It is a luxury, high end brand which has taken the internet by storm over the past few years especially with youtubers. They are a skincare brand that can be bought worldwide, for the UK we can buy their products from Boots or online stores like Look Fantastic and the official GlamGlow Website.

The first product I ever bought from GlamGlow is their “Sonic Blue Gravitymud Firming Treatment – Knuckles Collectable” now I was persuaded by the youtuber Jeffree Starr a year or so ago when he tested it on his channel. Not because of the fact he rated it but because of the colour of the mask, a bright/metallic blue colour that looked “out of this world”. It costs £7.00 for 15g of product, which I am going to say is pretty pricey for saying drugstore brands sell face masks that contain 100ml to 200ml of product for under £5.00. However it is a high end brand so I wasn’t expecting any different. First impressions….gimmicky. It literally did nothing for my skin. It’s more of a “take a picture of it and share it with the world” then actually improving my skin. It dries extremely quickly on the skin and then peels off pretty well but once washed off it instantly makes me put moisturiser on, its extremely drying and tight which i guess is where the”firming” element comes from but in all honestly its a gimmick, nothing special and not worth your money especially if you are wanting it to actually change the appearance of your skin. The colour of the mask is very expensive looking and fancy. But save your coin, for a face mask that actually does work and not for a picture on the instagram.

I received a gift set last Christmas which contained a variety of glam glow masks but in mini sizes. Within this gift set there was the “GlamGlow Glow Starter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser – Nude” this mask supposedly hydrates and moisturisers for a healthy looking radiance. Due to me receiving this in a gift set I didn’t get to choose the shade the moisturiser comes in as it does come in three shades, “pearl”, “nude”, “sun kissed”. Mine is in the shade “nude” which actually I do not think matters as I haven’t seen a difference in colour once applied to my face but I do have to say that it makes your skin incredibly soft, I was a bit shocked at first due to my previous experience with their masks not being great however this actually does what it says on the box. I don’t see a “radiance” to my face but it does keep it soft and hydrated, and it smells like a terrys chocolate orange..which is always a winner. The full sized version which contains 50g of products cost £36.00…a little expensive but at the end of the day you are paying for the brand name…the moisturiser is good but not worth £36.

Glam Glow also have a very limited makeup line…and what I mean by limited they have one item which is a setting spray. It is their “Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray”. I have only just recently ventured into makeup setting sprays as I never saw the point of that extra step in the morning however since using the “Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Cucumber And Green Tea” I have really enjoyed using it and never will now go without using it, I sometimes use it even without wearing makeup just for that extra moisture. However, even though I do love my Mario Badescu setting spray I have to say the glam glow setting spray…is better. The Mario Badescu is probably more beneficial for the skin as it contains ingredients like green tea which “soothes” the skin but the GlamGlow setting spray performs better. It doesn’t drown you with water with one pump like the Mario Badescu one does and it doesn’t leave specks of water which can cause makeup to smudge or move, the GlamGlow Setting Spray, sprays like an aerosol, gentle and covers more surface without using more product. I have the mini version of the setting spray which costs £12.00 or you can buy the full size version for £24.00. I would suggest buying the mini version first just so you can have a feel for it without paying full price, I would defiantly recommend it even though it is expensive. And it smells like vanilla.

“GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Mud Mask” is the mask that I am now avoiding at all costs. Now at this point I didn’t have much of a a high rated opinion of GlamGlow since trying their other masks previously but as soon as I tried this one it put me off face masks for a very long time and to this day I still haven’t used one. So like you do you cleanse your face before putting on the mask, now I have been using my cleanser for awhile so it has gotten used to my skin, I applied a thin layer of the mask like the instructions say and as soon as it began to dry (which was near enough straight away) I began to feel a tingly sensation on my forehead and my face began to get very warm. Of course me being very stupid I left it on until the recommended time and as soon as I rubbed it off with water. BAM. My face looked like I had been sat in 28 degrees of heat for the past day. I was a whole new shade of red, I had painful, dry splotches on my forehead and near my eyes which were absolutely agony every time I touched my face. This lasted a few hours until it did eventually fade away. Now this is the bit where I look like an absolute idiot and should take back this whole paragraph because who didn’t do a patch test (but then again who actually does them?) and who didn’t read the rest of the instructions where it states “DO NOT USE ON SENSITIVE SKIN”. Now my skin isn’t overly sensitive, I do have combination skin and at times my skin has it moments where it can get extremely sensitive but not all the time. However, since using this mud mask it has defiantly made me more aware of what products I should and should not put on my face and take it seriously. As it was agony. The mask costs £36.00 for 50g of product, obviously due to my experience with it I defiantly wouldn’t recommend it, but that was due to me not reading the instructions properly.

I actually like this next Glam Glow product. Shock. Spoiler alert. And it is the “GlamGlow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment Mask” First of all the smell. It’s smells lovely, bit like shea butter or caramel. It is a clear mask which once applied to the face does feel a little greasy/oily, it doesn’t dry fully and as soon as you wash it off it makes the face incredibly smooth. I love it. It doesn’t make your skin incredibly oily/uncomfortable after its washed off, your skin just feels hydrated and soft. I did find it a little itchy towards to cheek areas when I had it on but everyone has different skin types and irritations. Again, it costs £36.00 for 50g of product which I did think is still a little pricey, but I do really like this mask.

The last GlamGlow product that I have tried and to end it on a balanced opinion, is the “GlamGlow Flash Mud Brightening Treatment”. It’s okay. Again, I feel like theres nothing special or “life changing” about these products. It defiantly made my skin smooth due to the little balls within the mask that exfoliated my face but a lot of products that do that. It didn’t react with my skin which is also a good thing, overall it was okay. My skin looked a little glowy but not brightening and uplifting. This mask actually costs £42.00 for 50g of products so a little bit more than the other masks, not worth your coins. Just spend your money on a face scrub if you want smooth skin.

To conclude my overall opinion of the brand GlamGlow is….Now of course I haven’t tried every single one of their products but I have a wider opinion since trying a few of their products then I had done before and I can honestly say the brand is extremely overhyped, over priced and just very basic for saying they are a “luxury skincare” brand. They are pleasing on the eyes, very gimmicky like the sonic the hedgehog, power rangers and glittery face masks that look good for a social media picture but have these products improved my skin, have I seen a difference after multiple I haven’t. They smell nice, and some of the masks that I have mentioned are miniature sizes which you wouldn’t think you would get many masks out of them but you do actually get a minimum of 4 maybe even 5 which I do have to say isn’t overly bad for a miniature size product. I would say they are over priced, drugstore brand have much better face masks for more than half the price with better ingredients inside them. I think I’m going to leave this brand to youtubers and bloggers.

I hope you all enjoyed! Tell me what you think? Have any of you guys tried GlamGlow products before and if so what did you think? Have a lovely Thursday night💫

Harry Potter Tour Experience | Warner Bros Studio Tour

It’s not even been a week yet and I’m still beaming over the fact that I finally got to go on the Warner Bros ‘The Making of Harry Potter’ Studio Tour. I’ve lost count of how many years I have wanted to visit the studios of where the majority of Harry Potter throughout the 10 years of filming was made. Grab some snacks because it’s going to be a long one.

Now I don’t live in London, but I think the majority of us know that whether you live in London or want to travel down to London you have to sell your kidney to just afford train tickets or even a sandwich there. The studio is based in Watford, if you guys don’t know roughly the layout of London then you won’t know that Watford is literally no where near the central of London, which isn’t good for us guys who again will have to sell another kidney to then travel from central London to Watford. So it didn’t take me very long to decide that getting a train down to London and twenty different tubes to Watford wasn’t good for my bank account. I scrolled around the internet for hours to then end back at the Warner Bros Studio website and clicked on the “getting here” button, looking on this page I saw ‘bus transfers’ section once clicked it directs you to another website which is run by a company called “Golden Tours”. At first I did think the website was so sketchy but because it was advertised on the official Warner Bros Studio website it didn’t worry me as much. On the Golden Tours website there is 8 transportations from 2 different locations where you take a coach/bus from either Birmingham or London, these 8 transportation options include different packages like private transportation, people carrier, returns, etc. From where I live I knew that it would be cheaper for me to get the coach from the Birmingham pick up point instead of the London pick up point. Within this coach/bus package it includes the transportation to the studios and return transportation back to Birmingham plus an entrance ticket all for £85.00 per person. I think its a pretty good deal, for saying If I didn’t pick this deal I would of had to pay for my ticket, the travel down to London, the transport from central London to Watford and then repeat that on the way back. So in all honestly if you are able to get down to either Birmingham or Central London I would highly recommend buying this package from Golden Tours, everything is included you don’t have to worry about times or running late etc because you are taken down to the studios in time for the time slot you booked on the website, it includes the tour ticket to enter the studios and return transportation.

We travelled down to Birmingham by train which if you book in advance you can usually get tickets pretty reasonably price, even if you are travelling down to London. The pick up point for the Birmingham Golden Tours coach is practically outside Birmingham New Street Station next to the TK Maxx. We then got on the coach and spent about 2 hours, which of course can be a pain for some but it’s all worth it. To then arrive at the studios for about 11:30am bearing in mind our tour started at 12:30pm but that time was taken up by queuing to get in to the studios and security checks.

We waited for a bit in line for the entrance to the actual tour, to which you then enter another room where you are greeted by a man who give us a “welcome” speech and around the small room you get to watch a little introduction video to how Harry Potter came about with interviews from directors, screen writers and producers who were involved in the making of the films. You are in the room for roughly 10 minutes to then go in to another which is a cinema where you watch another video from the cast and what you will expect to see as you walk around the tour. It gives you goosebumps.

I don’t want to spoil it too much but I will add in a few photos to give you a taste on what you will expect from the tour, it does start in The Great Hall, where you have to listen to a tour guide about the different costumes/props that are placed around the room. And then as soon as that’s done you go off on your own and follow the tour round, you can spend as much time as you want, it’s roughly 3 1/2hours, we took about 2 hours. I just think it’s such a magical experience, really insightful, it’s not just about the main characters/actors which I thought it was going to be, it had loads of details/sections about props and costumes, how things were made etc. It just shocks how much went in to each film, and how many people/departments were included in the making of the Harry Potter franchise.

My favourites bits was of course seeing Hogwarts in its life size form, you do not expect it, it shocks you as you turn a corner and there it is something so huge on our big screens is so small in comparison, it’s magical just look at all the different details. Another favourite was seeing the Knight Bus in all its glory, with Prison of Azkaban being my favourite movie out of the franchise and the Knight Bus being one of my favourite scenes from it was just amazing to see in real life. And of course privet drive at how small the house was and baffles me how they could fit camera crew down the little corridor within the house.

I highly recommend this tour, if you are diehard fan or you just grown up with the films/watched them since you can remember it’s such a magical experience. Or even if you are interested in the making of films, and the things included within the making of one of the biggest franchises in the world. It’s well worth the money, and I would’ve defiantly recommend getting the Golden Tour Coach Package as its probably cheaper and everything is included.

If you do want to buy a souvenir from the multiple gift shops around the tour then you may have to sell a kidney to just buy a key ring. It is expensive, the gifts shops, drinks and food. You are probably best to bring your own packed lunch and drinks instead of going to their overpriced cafes or Starbucks that is located inside the studios. And for the gift shop, if you are really desperate to bring something home with you to show that you’ve been just remember to save a little bit of money before you go. A chocolate frog costs from what I remember around £8.00, it’s shocking. I did buy something from the shop, I bought Fang teddy which cost me around £25.00. Basically Build-A-Bear prices just without the quality.

It’s defiantly worth it. Once in a life time experience. That you will able to experience elsewhere in the world. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, tell me what you think? Has any of you been to the tour or would like to go? What’s your favourite Harry Potter book/movie? Have a lovely Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day!

If you were like me though and you are struggling to get down to the studios and you don’t want to spend a load of money on transport, tickets etc especially if you do not live in London then I still would 100% recommend it was really handy, not as expensive as what you could be paying and you are guaranteed to be getting there and back in time. Yer a wizard, harry!


My ASOS Wishlist | Clothing, Jewellery and Shoes

I have about 5 post ideas saved, some half written and the other half just have a title, in my draft section, and I basically just need to get myself together and start posting again so I thought what a good little post to start me off getting motivated with again is a wishlist post. Now you got to love a bit of shopping, some retail therapy is never a bad thing and as pay day has passed by I decided to look at some of my favourite shopping apps and realised that I have a lot of items saved in my wish lists/favourite section, it’s a little unhealthy. Which is why I thought it would be a good idea to share with you guys some gems that I have found and hopefully we can all treat ourselves to some new items. So get comfy, grab a hot drink (as it’s too cold to be outside with this snow) and I’ll stop rambling.

The first item that I’m dying to get my hands on and I might just make a purchase after writing up this blog post are these “Converse One Star Ox Trainers in Black”, now I’ve never been a huge fan of converse I just feel like they have never suited but I came across this style of converse quite awhile because I believe America had these trainers first but now that they are new to the UK I’m even more tempted to get my hands on them. I just think they are so unique and different to the typical converse style. I could imagine pairing them with fancy trousers or a casual jumpsuit like I have so many different outfit ideas for these trainers which is why I think it’s making me even more willing to put my bank details in the checkout section. They do cost £65.00 which I think is quite reasonable for a pair of trainers, however I think they are bit more pricier compared to other converse trainers but that’s understandable due to them being new to the UK.

The next item I am a little indecisive about as I’m not sure about the design and colour of it and it is this “New Look Mini Chain Strap Bucket Bag”, I feel like bucket bags have had their moment now I don’t see anyone wearing them anymore and especially bloggers are no longer talking about them but here’s me late to the party and I came across this bag and at first really liked it but as I’m writing this post and looking at it again I’m just not sure. I just want a bag that is crossbody in which can fit enough items but also not being too big, I hate taking my big, everyday bag to places all the time because one I don’t need all the space in my bag for just popping to town and after awhile it hurts my shoulder so I just want a smaller shoulder bag that is pretty but roomy enough to fit the basic items that I need in a handbag. It’s £12.99, which is affordable as it’s coming from new look but I have a had multiple bad experiences with new look bags in the past for just breaking and fraying within the first week, so their bag department isn’t exactly great in my books but I would just use this bag on odd occasion and not for every day use so hopefully it will last longer than a week. What do you guys think? Have you seen anything similar that I might like from my little description?

Now more on to the clothes I saw this jumper and thought it was so cute, probably not suitable for this colder weather we’ve been having but once it warms up a little or I could just layer it over the top of things and it is this “Missguided Love Jumper with Tassels”. It is also cropped and I’m not a fan of cropped things only because my belly flops out and makes an appearance but I could wear it with some high waisted jeans or a skirt, who cares it’s 2018 people wear what you want. But it is super cute and I’m very tempted on buying it, I’m guessing it was from their valentines collection the other week but it’s defiantly something you could wear all year round. It cost £25.00 which is a standard price for clothing from Missguided. I cannot find it on the Missguided website but if it is on there it’s more than likely cheaper on their website than the ASOS website. Why is it that online shops like Missguided, Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing always have sales? I swear there is never a time when I’m on their website that there isn’t a sale not like it’s a bad but why can’t other shops do that. I don’t think I’ve ever shopped on Missguided before I mean I always find things I like on there but I never end up getting them in the end, so I’m not sure on the quality of Missguided so that will be interesting to find out.

I never realised ASOS had quite a collection of jewellery on their website, they don’t just sell their own brand of jewellery but have a wide range of designer and non designer jewellery which I’m all for so when scrolling through the category awhile ago I came across this ring which I thought was pretty unique. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ring like this before but when I saw it I knew it had to be in my own jewellery collection. It is the “ASOS Vintage Style Coin Charm Ring”, now anything with vintage included in the name I just have to take a look and more than likely buy but I also have a bit of an obsession with coin related jewellery. I just think it’s very vintage, old school sort of and of course it being painted gold is just a plus. I much more prefer gold jewellery than silver at the moment, it’s honestly ticking all the boxes and I’m defiantly going to buy it in my next ASOS shop. It costs £12.00, so I am expecting it to turn my finger green after awhile of use but thumbs up it does last a little longer than I hope.

I could go on forever, as believe me my wishlist is never ending when it comes to ASOS but I thought I would end it on this last item, I’m in love with it. It’s a co-ord in which I’ve never owned before, I always end up putting outfits together hoping that they work but 9/10 probably don’t, so I thought a co-ord would be quite simple, not much effort has to be put into it apart from a top to go underneath and so when I saw this one and its colour it I did have to stop myself from clicking the checkout button. I do love it, but the question is would it suit me so of course I am a little hesitant to actually buy it. It costs £28.00 for the skirt and £48.00 for the jacket. So a little pricey but just from looking at them both, it looks like they are made of good quality material and to think it’s half an outfit already so by adding a slogan tee or just a basic white tee with a pair of trainers like the model is wearing in which the majority of us have already got in our wardrobe so no need for extra money to be spent. I just think it’s such a staple outfit, especially for the warmer weather with a pair of sunglasses.

And that is my little ASOS wishlist. I hope you guys enjoyed, what do you think? Do you have endless items in your wishlist that you have gotten around to buying yet or just simply wish you could buy but your bank balance doesn’t stretch to that? Have a lovely day, I will leave everything linked down below!

Items Listed

Converse One Star Trainers

New Look Mini Chain Bucket Bag

Missguided Love Jumper – There is no link for this jumper, I did find it on the ASOS app.

ASOS Vintage Coin Ring

Mustard Co-ord Jacket

Mustard Co-ord Skirt

Current Skincare Routine.

“Tick. Tick. Tick.” That’s just me ticking off all of my new year goals/resolutions early on in the year. I feel like this year has kicked off to a great start and you know what is great? I finally have a skincare routine that I have stuck too and really gotten into in the past month. Get comfy, grab some food because its going to be a long post.

I thought I would do it step by step from start to finish, its not a full skincare routine like I don’t have an fancy products treatments, face masks etc these are just the products that I have been using day/night to clear up my skin and make it feel “alive”.


I currently have three products, but I am only putting in the two products that I  use to take off my eye makeup the most with. The first one is the one where I am not overly tired, I actually have the energy to take my time with my skin and taking off my eye makeup and that is the “Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Remover”. And the only reason this product is the one that take that little more effort is because you have to use cotton pads with it (you’ll understand when I explain about the next product) which basically from what you have learnt from this blog post is that I can be extremely lazy sometimes. But no I am being seriously, I do really enjoy using this product it doesn’t fully remove my eye makeup as it does leave residue underneath the eye but its a good first little step to use. You can get it from Superdrug or Boots for £3.80 for 125ml of


products which is pretty good. I don’t have a certain brand of cotton pads that I use continuously but the ones I am using at the moment is the “Boot Cotton Wool Pads – 100 pack”. The other product I use is the “Nip + Fab Kale Fix Makeup Removing Pads” now these can be used for face and eyes, and they are my quick “can’t be bothered to remove my makeup but I have to do it because I will regret it in the morning” makeup remover. They are basically cotton wool pads that have been drenched (not even kidding) in kale and watercress to easily remove makeup, and they defiantly do the job. They currently cost £5.00 on the Nip + Fab website however I got mine from my local TK Maxx for £3.00. These are the only two products I use at the moment to get rid of makeup from the day or night time and the third product that I have decided to not add in but I thought I would give a little shout out even though it doesn’t need it is the “Garnier Micellar Water”. Of course you guys know about this product because what beauty blogger, youtuber or beauty instagrammer doesn’t talk about this product


I use one cleanser, and this is the only cleanser that I have actually enjoyed using in the longest of time because I feel like it does the job and that is the “Simple Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion”. You will see a few “simple” products in my routine not for any particular reason just the simple fact that they are affordable and do a really good job at cleansing and making my skin look good. (if that’s possible).  I use this cleanser day and night with cotton wool on dry skin, and even though I was scared that the cleanserIMG_0545 was going to dry out my face like most of them do it just feels like I’ve put a moisturiser on not a cleanser. Its a smooth cream, that keeps my skin hydrated before putting on moisturiser, cleansed and doesn’t break me out or cause sensitivity/redness on my cheeks which is something I also get with other cleansers. It shocks me every time I use at how good it is. Its £3.79 in Superdrug and Boots for 200ml of product.


I don’t exfoliate often, I probably do it once or twice a week in the bath when I actually remember. I mainly focus on my nose and forehead for when I am exfoliating, and the product I use to exfoliate is the “Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Scrub”. Another “Simple” product oops…I promise I do use other products beside simple, but they are so good. I don’t hype about this product as much but it doesn’t stop me from using it and that’s only because I feel like it doesn’t make my skin incredibly soft after a few uses like there is still odd patches on my face that still feels a little rough even after using the facial scrub and that can be annoying at times but the reason I do keep it is because it hasn’t broke me out, doesn’t cause redness or puffiness to my face.


I still haven’t found a toner that I like. So if you have any recommendations, comment and tell me one that is good for combination skin. Skip to the next step >>>>


Before I had a regular skincare routine I used this moisturiser on the odd occasion where I remembered to do so and I still enjoy using it now. It is the “Boots Essentials Fragrance Free Moisturising Cream”. This moisturiser is so good, its extremely hydrating and I would 100% recommend to those who have dry skin, it can be too much at times where it does have a oily consistency so if you are prone to spots and already img_0565.jpghave oily skin it can be overpowering and uncomfortable with the dreaded fear of gaining spots because of it but for £1.50. I repeat £1.50. It is such a good product, extremely affordable, good and you receive 100ml of product which since I have had it, it lasts a while believe me. A little bit of product goes along way.


These products are the unsung heroes. They are the products where you need that pick me up, you feel rubbish your skin is at its worse but these product just seem to pick it right back up again.  The first product in this category which I have been having to use often due to the odd spot that keeps creeping up on the times where I am stressed is the “Mario Badescu Drying Lotion”. I won’t go in to great detail of this product because I am sure everyone of you by now is using this product, its a cult classic. But its basically a solution made up of calamine and salicylic acid which can be used on spots that are not open or exposed. Grab yourself a cotton bud, dip it in the pink solution at the bottom and pop it on your spots and let them dry overnight. Just don’t shake the bottle and then use it, I’m not sure why but when I received it I shook it and then looked at the instructions and saw the sign “DO NOT SHAKE BOTTLE”. Learn from my mistakes. Don’t buy it, if you have this mindset that your spots are going to disappear by the morning because of it. Sometimes when I use it I never see a difference before and after using the product but don’t let that put you off use it often and you’ll defiantly see a difference eventually.


It costs £16 for 29ml of product on Beauty Bay, which is pretty expensive if you are asking me but it something that you can ask for/save up for and it lasts a long time. The next product is for similar reasons, spots.This product isn’t designed for making spots disappear its sort of a multipurpose product that everyone has in their cupboards at home and it is “Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream”. I take a small little drop of sudocrem and pop it on the spots that are really irritating, them one that even the slight bit of touch feels like you have just punch yourself multiple times in the face. You can purchase it anywhere in the UK, supermarkets, chemists and superdrug/boots for roughly £2.00.

I have only recently bought this product but I have already fallen in love with it, its is the “Superdrug Vitamin C Booster”. Its basically a serum that makes my face soft, fresh and just glowy. I just cannot critique it, its just a lovely little step in my routine that makes such a complete difference to my skin in the morning. I add a few drops of it to my moisturiser and then mix them together and it just makes me feel happy at how wellimg_0562.jpg this product compliments my face. It is £4.99, which is quite surprisingly expensive for saying its Superdrug own brand but I think its worth it and you do only get 30ml of product.

The last product I use as an “extra” is the “Simple Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Mask” its basically a glorified moisturiser that you use at night time before bed, I use mine after I get home from work as that’s the time of evening where my skin has lacked the most amount of hydration. I wouldn’t call it a mask as it quickly sinks into the skin as img_0569.jpgsoon as you apply it but you can defiantly feel the hydration after waking up the following the morning which I enjoy feeling now as before everything was just dry, now my lips even feel moisturised. It costs £6.99 for 50ml from either Superdrug or Boots.

I hope you guys enjoyed, tell me what you think, comment below, do you guys have any specific skincare products that are your absolute favourites? Have a lovely day.

My Favourite Online Jewellery Stores.

If I’m not buying makeup than I am spending a lot of money on jewellery. I have built up a little jewellery collection over the years from being gifted them by others or buying pieces out of my own money. So get comfy because I have a list of my top favourite jewellery websites in which I have bought from and 100% rely on for quality jewellery pieces.

In no particular order…


I have only just recently found this brand due to a youtuber who had mentioned them a few time on their vlogs and did a haul on the brand which of course didn’t take me long after to buy a piece from them. I bought a necklace/choker and I absolutely adore it, I’m not going to show any photos of the jewellery I have bought from each of these brands as I may later down the line do a jewellery collection blog post if anyone would be interested? Missoma have a variety of collections which include collaborations with people or just special one of jewellery pieces, my favourite collection from Missoma is their Lucy Williams X Missoma The Roman Collection I want to add every single piece of jewellery from this collection in my basket but it would mostly be over £1000 and I doScreenshot 2018-01-25 at 6.02.31 PM not have that money to just splash out on. Which comes to the downfall of this brand, they have some of the most prettiest jewellery pieces I have ever seen but it is expensive, I think the cheapest thing they sell is their charms and they cost £35.00 each. Its a brand where you would spend hours scrolling through to find your favourites to add to a wish list and then ask for them on special occasions like christmas, birthday, anniversaries etc. Or like me you just treat yourself on your next pay day.

They sell high quality, expensive but staple pieces which you can tell from experience are well made and will last for many years to come when looked after properly. They also sell some really unique pieces which I don’t see much in other jewellery stores.


I feel like everyone and their mum owns at least something from pandora. Its such a well known and established brand worldwide. I remember my first ever jewellery piece from pandora and it was one of their charm bracelets with a charm, which I have built up over the years. I own earrings, rings and bracelets/charms from pandora and I have loved every single one of them. I did have a bit of a bad experience with a ring I was gifted one year as it came apart after awhile of use but it was soon replaced. Pandora is more affordable compared to the likes of Missoma and their jewellery is still highScreenshot 2018-01-25 at 6.02.20 PM quality. I would defiantly recommend their charms/bracelets and their rings, great as gifts as well. I would say Pandora is a brand that fits all, it’s not overly aimed at any particular audience like I said everyone and their mum owns at least something from pandora. They also have their own collaborations/collections with their most recent one being Disney, which is pretty unique.


Now this brand is more aimed at the “older sophisticated lady”, it defiantly has that vibe as soon as you click on to their website. Their jewellery pieces also follow on with this theme, a lot of their pieces are traditional and expensive looking, I couldn’t imagine people wearing this brand on a regular basis (to work, to school etc) unlike pandora, these jewellery pieces are more for special occasions/events that make a outfit comeScreenshot 2018-01-25 at 6.01.57 PM together. I do love this jewellery brand, I don’t think it would be everyone’s cup of tea especially for the younger audience and I defiantly couldn’t afford to buy a piece of jewellery from them every month unlike pandora which is more affordable.


A shop on the high street in the UK that is never talked about enough. Its in the name, their in store and their online website sells everything related to accessories, handbags, jewellery, belts, scarfs and more. I used to buy their handbags for the times when I was in school, I think that was the “thing” in teenage girls back then, if your primark/new look bag broke for school then you had to go a little up market with an accessorize or river island bag. But just recently I ventured back into accessorize as I had a gift cardScreenshot 2018-01-25 at 6.02.09 PM and bought a few jewellery piece and was shocked at how long they lasted, affordable and pretty looking. I feel like sometimes when you go to shops that only sell clothes, shoes or handbags their jewellery stands are always a downfall and they look cheap/tacky but was surprised at how good the jewellery from accessorize was. It’s defiantly the cheaper alternative out of all of my favourites but sometimes you need that when you want the basic essentials like a pack of hoop earrings that aren’t going to turn you ear green as soon as you wear them.

I hope you guys enjoyed! Tell me what you think, has anyone else bought from these brands before, would you like to see a jewellery collection?

Overrated Products – Glossier

Ever since I wrote my New Year Resolution post I feel like a new me. I’m motivated, remembering to write down post ideas and just all around feel like I’ve kicked this year off to a good start. However, I am going to be a negative nancy for today’s post so grab your favourite drink and get settled. It is a long post, I ramble a lot.

Glossier. You have probably heard and seen this brand take over the beauty community last year and still going stronger than ever this year with their independence, uniqueness and their power to make any blogger/youtuber weak at the knees due to their packaging. Now I was one of these people to put their products in my shopping basket as soon as I heard they were shipping to the UK, I put my hands up and applaud glossier for their marketing and aesthetically pleasing social media, website and products because I am not one to just throw my money around for a brand I only had opinions from youtubers.

From Glossier I bought their “Phase 1 Set” which includes their Milk Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser, and a Balm Dotcom  ( glorified lip salve which can actually be used elsewhere besides the lips ). Now from first expressions I could not of been anymore happy, the packaging is to die for, very unique it looked like something peopleIMG_E0493 on PR lists get. I then opened them and used each of the products on a regular basis, within the first week the “uniqueness” from this brand that I once felt soon disappeared.

Lets start with the Milk Jelly Cleanser. I didn’t like it. It has a funny smell. ( something I shouldn’t be crying over but ) Its really off putting, it has a chemically but also clay like smell you know like industrial/building material clay sort of smell. And shortly after I used it on a daily basis, I began to get small little spots over the forehead and cheeks. I have combination skin, so of course I am common to spots, but I have never had small, tiny ones scattered all over my face. It just did nothing for my skin, but cause a problem. Its not a make up remover but I also used it after clearing near enough all my makeup with a makeup remover and I still had leftover residue of mascara and eyeliner near my eyes. So many rate this cleanser but for me and my skin type, it defiantly does nothing for it and I won’t be buying another bottle.

For those who do have combination skin and suffer with spots I would recommend the La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Hydrating Cleansing Cream, its £12.99 which is £2.00 cheaper than the Glossier cleanser and personally it cleared my skin, made it smooth and all around cleansed.

The Priming Moisturiser – is the next thing that comes in the set. I’ve tried better moisturiser that are cheaper and actually moisturisers the skin. My skin felt more dry after using it than before, I do suffer with some parts of my face that are dry, nothing major but its like as soon as I apply it to my face it sinks in to my skin in seconds but dries it. It has the same smell as the cleanser, again nothing to cry over, but maybe I wouldn’t be so put off by the smell if the moisturiser actually did its job.

Balm Dotcom ( scent – original ) – I actually like this product. (shock I actually like a glossier product) It has no scent, and does what any other lip salve does, it does keep your lips moisturised for a long period. I feel like the lip salve works best when you are lips aren’t chapped, as it does highlight broken skin on the lips which isn’t overly nice to IMG_E0497see but it does the job. I do have three other Balm Dotcoms, cherry, birthday and rose and each one of them are just as good as the original scent. The Birthday scent is my favourite.

Overall the “Phase 1 Set” isn’t worth the hype. There is better skincare sets out there that contain better products, worth the money that actually help your skin. Or even singular skin care products that you can buy and make up your own skin care routine with that suit your skin type. Just for me these products didn’t work for my skin type and I feel like they are over hyped due to their social media and every single youtuber/blogger are talking about them.

The next product I bought from Glossier and I don’t think is worth the hype is their Super Pure Face Serum. I’ve never tried a serum before buying this product, so really I have no way of comparing it to another product. But I just don’t understand what it does. I still use it but it does dry my skin as soon as I apply it, so I do rush to put moisturiser on after, but since using it, it hasn’t changed what my skin looks like. On the glossier websiteIMG_E0485 it says that the serum “calms breakout-prone skin and redness, use dropper to apply 3-4 drops directly onto clean face.” I just don’t see it doing that, and I use it every single day as part of my (so called) skin routine. It has put me off using serums as I feel like they are an extra step that does nothing for my skin. Personally, I don’t think its worth the hype. It costs £24.00 which is extremely over priced.

The last product that I bought from Glossier, is their Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. Disappointing. I love face masks, I think the only time where I take my “skincare” seriously is when I’m buying the newest face mask. One of the products I was looking forward to the most actually turned out to be a nightmare. The first time I used it, it burned my face. I felt my face go warm but I didn’t think anything of it until I took it off and my face was stinging and bright red around the cheeks and forehead area. It felt like it was on fire. However, silly me thought it could of been just a bad day and maybe I had applied it wrong so I looked on the Glossier website and found the instructions on how to apply it, I applied it again IMG_E0507still felt warm on my face and then took it off and did the exact same thing again. Made my face feel like it was on fire. The only positive thing that I could point out about the mask is the fact that it did make my skin sort of soft. Maybe I didn’t realise how sensitive my skin was but it has defiantly made me more aware on to probably do a patch test before fully trying out new skin products. I do not recommend the mask, especially for those who have sensitive skin. Defiantly not “soothing” at all.

Four cups of tea and 10 packet of biscuits later and the post has come to an end. Sorry for being such a “negative nancy” on this post but I feel like I had to get my opinion across on a brand that I see everywhere being praised. The products are probably good but not for me or my skin type. Tell me what you think. what do you guys think of glossier and their products?

Have a lovely day!