Happy 2nd Birthday To The Blog

Get the cake and champs out because its been two years since I first created this blog! I remember last year when I wrote about being on here for a year and had 63 blog posts with 183 followers, this year I now have 89 blog posts up and 271 of you guys following me. To me this is a big achievement, I have stuck at something for two years…I must like it here.

I’m not going to make it a long, soppy post and just keep it short and sweet. But again I’m very thankful for every single person who has liked, commented or even gave my blog a lil recognition with a follow. I didn’t intend to make a blog to become a full time blogger, I just wanted a purpose and something to keep on at, to publish posts that others would find interesting just like I do with other blogger. So I thank every one of you, I’m still here and it encourages me to keep going, make my blog posts better, learning from mistakes/achievements, improving my photo quality and have better ideas/blog post topics.

I do want to make a target/goal to be more regular with posts, maybe even have a blog schedule? But I don’t want to say that I’m going be to committed to a certain day because that puts way too much pressure on people and you end up putting stuff up that you didn’t enjoy creating.

Before I ramble anymore, thank you once again! Have a lovely Sunday, enjoy yourself, take it easy and lets smash the week!💓


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Fenty Beauty Metal Moon Highlighter | Review Time🌔

“Fenty Beauty” A brand you have probably non stop heard about for the past year, one for it being owned by the one and only Rihanna but it also having this diverse look on makeup (in which surprising it has taken how many years for a makeup brand to release a foundation range that has 40 shades). Rihanna has done that. She has broken the “boundaries” and even though her brand is only a year or so old she has changed the game, making everyone feel included and empowered by having their own shade of foundation without having mix about 3 to get some sort of match.

As you can tell from the title its a review about on my first ever fenty beauty product..a highlighter. Put the kettle, get comfy because it’s going to be long one.

Now I felt bougie af when walking into Harvey Nichols for the first time in my life. It’s so fancy, like I didn’t belong here, and everything I touched costed more than my existence. However, the people who were on the fenty beauty counter were really nice and the Metal Moon Highligter was is stock!

The highlighter cost £26.00! My heart thumped, my purse burnt and my bank are shocked that I spent that amount money on something that wasn’t food. I love the packaging, to be honest I love the packaging for all of the fenty products. It’s so simple and chic..And for once looks mature and not child like. Inside the compact highlighter you get a mirror….is this what its like when you begin to shop high end, a mirror with a highlighter? What? I am all for it however, I now no longer have to hold a mirror, highlighter and a brush all at once.👏🏻

Is it worth it? Overall opinion?

The formula is very soft and powdery, from first look and from the name “metal moon” you would think that it would be a silvery, white colour. I’m not fully wrong but once on the skin it appears with a golden shimmer, than silver. It is quite glittery but not chunky which is a plus. It’s subtle with the first layer, however its very buildable and can be made as pigmented as you want it to be.

Ive worn it for 12.5 hours on many of occasions due to work and I do have to say it does eventually come away and leaves you with a slight dewy look on the cheek bones which i actually like, it does do well too last that long however and it does look good with and without foundation. It’s great for inner corner highlight and on the nose! I either use a fan brush or a highlighter brush, I prefer to use a fan brush with this highlighter more than my other just because i feel it picks up more pigmented and covers more surface area.

Overall, I do wish it was more glowy however I like the golden, dewy like glow it gives me without me look like a disco ball. I am a little torn. Would I recommend? Yes of course, its a great highlighter, defiantly one for your collection however if you want to look like a star than its not for you. Its more subtle, can be worn day or night. I would say £26.00 is a little expensive but I am a little tight when it comes to money so of course I’m going to say that however does it stop me from wanting to buy another highlighter, a lip product and the fenty beauty brushes? No aha.

I hope you guys enjoyed, tell me what you think? Have any of you tried fenty beauty products yet? Is it just a hype? Have a lovely weekend!✨

Who Do I Get My Fashion Inspiration From? | Bloggers, Influencers and Youtubers

Todays post is all about fashion and where I get all my outfits, clothing inspiration from. Including mainly bloggers and youtubers so grab a snack and get comfy and ill begin….

1. Alix | ICovetThee | Blogger/Youtuber

The first person I take inspiration from for my outfit choices and the sudden decline in my bank balance is Alix from the YouTube channel and blog ‘ICovetThee’. If you don’t watch her videos or read her blog posts than where have you been? She posts a lot of fashion related videos/posts but also has bomb skincare/beauty videos. The reason I do watch her videos is for her style/haul videos, she is my number one fashion inspo. I would describe it as being ‘on-trend, classy, simple but like chic’ (wow, a+ descriptive writing notttt) I’m not good with words but if I had her wardrobe I would be a very happy person. I have bought a variety of items due to Alix, such as things like wide leg jeans. Now, I am a jeans sort of girl but if my jeans were an inch away from my ankle and not clinging on to them for dear life then there was a problem. I grew up thinking that anything wide leg was a no go…but here I am slowly folding them on to my shelves. A lot of clothes she shows in her videos I would say are affordable to an extent, she has the odd designer piece here and there but what’s good is that Alix will sometimes not purchase the designer piece and find an alternative/dupe in somewhere like Zara or Topshop where us as the audience are more likely going to afford.

2. Lina Mar | itslinamar | Blogger/Youtuber

Lina is a blogger and Youtuber who just pulls off a “cool and unique” style (again sorry for the lack of well words…) I found her channel a year or two ago on YouTube and ever since I’ve literally just been hooked on her style. All of the people I am listing in this post all of have completely different but also very similar tastes which is what I like, if you are like me then I usually get bored and go from one particular trend to the next. But having inspo from all different types of people, with different styles and outfit ideas honestly keeps me inspired to actually put outfits together and updating my wardrobe when ever I can…give me that confidence boost. Your mood literally goes from 0 to 100 depending on your outfit I believe, if you don’t feel comfortable in something then your whole day can be ruined and you just feel rubbish. Lina literally rocks a band tee with a skirt or a full blown “girl boss” suits and it honestly gives me the confidence to go out in a full blown pink suit at 2pm in the afternoon.

3. Helen Anderson | Youtuber

“Cool and edgy”. A few words to describe Helens style, and I love it. It’s very modern rocky, bands tee and leopard print skirts and its great. Never would I have thought that i would like animal print until I saw Helens videos and now half my wish list on ASOS has animal prints involved. Helen is very ‘Body positive’ and has just recently put a video up about how to dress a “pear shaped body” and its great to see such positivity about peoples own body and being confident to rock a skirt with your legs out, or a crop top to show a bit of tum. “Who cares” is the sort of the attitude that Helen gives in her videos, she doesn’t care what people think, she wears what she want and that’s where i want to be at in life. Having these people on the internet, sharing these body positive views to young and older people

That’s just to name a few people I take inspiration from for my wardrobe, and having the confidence to pull off some of the pieces I have and want to buy and wear out and be happy and comfortable in it. It shouldn’t be a negative thing, “I wont wear that because I don’t have the body for it” screw that wear it and be badass, there are no rules to clothes, we all have to wear them so why not wear something that you like and feel comfortable in. Get guidance and inspiration from people who are similar to you and your body type, take the negativity away from your social media’s, “I wish I could look like this” “I wish I had their body” when actually follow people who have similar body types to you and get the confidence and say actually “they can pull off that and so can I”. I hope you guys enjoy, tell me where you guys get your fashion inspo as I would of course love to ruin my bank account more than usual. Have a lovely weekend!

Lush Bath Bomb Haul | Smelling freshhhhh

There’s nothing better than walking in or past lush, the smell instantly hints you of the lovely soaps, bath bombs and everything heavenly about their products. I however didn’t get the pleasure of shopping in store, I did an online order. So I thought I would give you guys a haul on what I bought, grab a cuppa and get sat down.

Ive never shopped on the Lush website before but I thought I would tell you guys my experience and shipping process. I ordered about Thursday at around 1pm and received it at 12pm the next day. That’s how quick it came. Well I did order for next day delivery which is £5.79…for once I will actually pay for next day delivery at that price. It was boxed and packaged really well, all the bath bombs came in one piece not one was broke.

The first bath bomb I put in my basket was the “Butterball Bath Bomb”. I wanted to try a load of bath bombs I’ve never tried before and this is one of them. This bath bomb apparently treats dry, sensitive and irritating skin, I don’t usually suffer with irritating or sensitive skin on my body it’s usually my face but I do however get dry skin from time to time. It contains cocoa butter which smells and I can already tell is going to feel nice. It costs £2.95. It’s smaller than their usual sized bath bombs. There is an ingredient in the bath bomb called Ylang Ylang Oil that apparently is used to treat stress and depression, as well as relieving anger, panic and fear. I’m so intrigued to what its going to be like in the bath.

The next bath bomb I bought was the “Ickle Baby Bot”. It’s a cute little bomb shaped as a robot and I love it, Ive also never tried this bath bomb before either so ill defiantly will be intrigued to see how well this performs. This bath bomb is actually aimed at children, which sort of make sense due to it being a little robot but it contains lavender which supposedly relaxes you before bed. It costs £1.95, so affordable!

I then bought “Dragons Egg” twice as I love it that much. Ive had this bath bomb in the past, I think it was my first ever bath bomb I tried from Lush. I remember it containing a little message when the bomb fizzled out that said “Kapowwww” or something like that but the last few times Ive had it they’ve not contained it in them however its still such a fun, glittery, colourful bath bomb. It also contains popping candy which makes the bath bomb crackle and pop. It costs £3.95.

Ive bought a lot of bath bombs that relate to relaxation before bed, I think my body is telling me something. The next bath bomb apparently does exactly that, and it is the bath bomb “Twilight”. A pretty pink bath bomb that has printed stars and moons on it. It’s so cute. This bath bomb is aimed at those who suffer from insomnia and have troubles with sleeping. It costs £3.95

The bath bomb “Avobath” is another firm favourite of mine that I purchase very time I shop in Lush. It contains avocado (obvs by the name) which helps with dryness of the skin, it just smells and makes your skin feel fresh and clean. I love it. It’s £3.50.

“Intergalactic” and “Rocket Science” are the next two bath bombs that I feel are very similar as both relate to science and they have the same colours in them. Ive not tried Rocket Science but I assumed they are similar, and its shaped like a rocket so what isn’t to love about it. These two are the funky, colourful bath bomb out of the haul that I’ve made that are just gonna look cool for photos etc. Both have fruity scents as well and Rocket Science is slowly becoming one of my favourite scents! Intergalactic costs £4.50 and Rocket Science costs £3.25

Metamorphosis is the next bath bomb that caught my eye..I just love all the names they give for each bath bombs. This one looks like something earthy, its all glittery and black. But turns out when popped in warm water has this pop of colour. It has a cinnamon scent which is just gonna be lovely in warm water. It costs £4.50

“Think Pink” and “Rock Star” are the last two pink things. Think Pink is everything I would want in a bath bomb, its pink, glittery and smells lovely. It’s so girly and fragranced, which would be nice to gift to a friend but this time around its for meeeee. It costs £4.50. And Rock Star is actually a soap not a bath bomb. It smells exactly like that pink shower gel is it called something like fairy lights that is usually released around Christmas time, now that I’ve ran out of that this soap is defiantly making up for it. The scent more than anything is one of if not the best smell/fragrance from Lush out of all the bath products. It’s just a nice comforting smell.

And the last bath bomb I purchased and the one I am looking forward to the most is “Turtle Immersion”. It’s a massive bath bomb shaped like a turtle which is actually going to turn in to jelly as its a jelly bath bomb. I am such a big kid when it comes to things like that…jelly as bath water. It costs £4.95 which is the most expensive bath bomb out of all of this haul but I feel like its going to be well worth it.

I hope you guys enjoyed, tell me what you think? What’s your favourite bath bomb from Lush? I hope you are having a lovely day!

The Body Shop BB Cream Review

For today’s post I’m giving you a review, oh how I’ve missed writing reviews! It’s be a hot minute since my last review so put the kettle on and get comfy for a BB cream review.

Like I’ve done in the past with my reviews I usually break down the whole product. The Body Shop is a brand that’s been around for more than 40 years, it’s a British brand that is known for ethical, vegetarian and cruelty free friendly bath and body products. I don’t shop in The Body Shop as often as I should but when I do, I spend a fortune. It is a high street store, their price ranges are very flexible, from £6.00 to £16.00 and that’s just for cleansers. It can get quite expensive, but for the quality/quantity of their products it’s worth it. While we are here and before I get in depth with the review, I would defiantly recommend their body butters, lip balms and hand creams! The strawberry scent is my favourite.

Now the B.B. cream! I’ve been wanting to try out this B.B. cream for awhile since I saw a lot of good reviews, but every time I went in to store they never had my shade as it was always sold out. Until luckily the other month I was able to get my hands on it. It costs £12.00 for 25ml of product…a little stingey might I say. That’s roughly £2.00 a 1ml…I think, help a girl out I’m not good at maths. The All-In-One B.B. cream has 5 shades in its range, ranging from fair skin tones to dark skin tones, not very diverse however according to The Body Shop description of the product it supposedly “adapt to skin tone, hydrates for 24hrs, has light to medium coverage and illuminates appearance.” So does it do that? Here’s my verdict.

I purchased the All-In-One B.B. Cream in the shade “00” which is for fair skin tones. I have been using my hands to rub in the product and sometimes a beauty blender just to see the difference of how it performs. Is there a difference? No..I cannot tell a different whether with a beauty sponge or your hands, I think using the sponge it sinks in faster but there isn’t a complete difference between application. It’s safe to say you can use either, I prefer my hands just because you rub it in all the areas you wouldn’t necessary reach with a sponge, It’s like applying a moisturiser.

Does it have coverage?….no it doesn’t, well nothing that I’ve spotted to looked covered. I have the odd spot, mole and freckles on my face, and they look no different when the B.B. cream is on my face. So if you’re expecting coverage and just a quick alternative to your foundation then I wouldn’t recommend. However, the one thing I do like about this B.B. cream and the only reason why I keep apply it is that it’s glowy. It give me this natural glow without looking sweaty. It highlights nicely around my features and some how makes it look better even without the coverage. I’m not a foundation girl so I wasn’t a little scared about trying a B.B. cream as I thought it would be heavy/cake like some foundations can be but it’s lightweight, glowy and just a nice finish.

I am a little torn with this product, in a way I like it because I love the glowy finish and the little enhancement it gives to my natural features, plus I’m sort of loving this ‘non makeup makeup looks at the minute”. But I also bought it for the soul purpose of having coverage without wearing a foundation especially in this hotter weather…I would be a hot mess. But it doesn’t do that…it sort of like a glorified moisturiser/Illuminator.

So what I would say…if you are looking to buy an alternative to your foundation that still has coverage then I would say avoid this product but if you are wanting to venture into the non makeup makeup looks like glossier and milk makeup sell then buy buy buy.

I hope you guys enjoyed, tell me what you think? Can anyone recommend me B.B. cream that have a good coverage? Have a lovely sunday✨✨


The Body Shop – https://www.thebodyshop.com/en-gb/make-up/bb-creams/all-in-one-bb-cream/p/p000360

My Everyday Jewellery Pieces

“Gold (gold) always believe in your soullll….” who else also sang this song as soon as you read it. Today’s post contains everything gold and what jewellery I wear on a daily basis so grab some snacks and get comfy.

People have a shoe collection or a bag collection, but me…I love jewellery and have an endless collection of it. I posted awhile ago what jewellery websites I shop on so now you guys get to see what I have bought and wear from those websites.

The first jewellery piece that I have and cannot live without and I think everyone should have this jewellery piece in their collection is….hoop earrings. I wear hoop earrings at any chance I can get, I would actually live in them. I just think they are such a basic but staple piece in which you can dress up or dress down. Ive bought many hoop earrings from various high street shops but the one shop I always go back to too get my hoop earrings is Primark. These are “Primark Gold Hoop Earrings” and you can buy them in a pack of 4 which contain a variety of different hoop sizes for £2.50. I love them. You can buy them in silver also but I always buy them in gold because I sort have an obsession with the colour/material gold in which you will end up seeming throughout this post. They don’t last long as in colour wise because the “gold” does begin to come away from the hoop and end up going rusty/silver colour which is annoying but £2.50 for a pack of four you cannot go wrong.

I did mention this item in my last post because it has been a current favourite of mine for the past month. It is the “Pandora Shine Honey Bee Ring”. A lot of jewellery brands have jumped on this trend of adding honey bees to jewellery pieces and I’m all for it. Especially the Pandora Shine Collection and this ring. It’s so pretty and people always comment on it saying how nice it is. It costs about £60-65. Which I think is reasonable for a high quality ring. I love the the design of it and how well it compliments the other jewellery pieces that I am going to mention throughout this post.

I do love every single piece of jewellery that I have been given or bought over the years but if I had to pick a favourite than it would be this necklace that I have non stopped worn for the past 4 years. It is originally a necklace that I was given on my birthday four years ago. It is a simple gold plated necklace with a coin pendant on it in which has a st christopher printed on it. This necklace is no longer available on the Argento website which is a shame. But just last year I cam across this other pendant that I thought would complement the necklace really well and it is this “Monica Vinader Mini Marie Pendant”. It’s this lovely gold plated pendant which has the most mesmerising pattern when up close, it is described as being a good luck charm and Ive begin to believe it over the past year of wearing it. It costs £85.00 for the pendant which is a little pricey but its so worth it and has lasted all this time for saying its only gold plated. The St Cristopher pendant has begun to worn alway in colour and so has the necklace but that’s what gives it that extra charm and “vintage style”. This necklace really means a lot to me and I hope to continue to wear it for years to come.

To break up the “gold (gold) always believe in your soulllll” moment. I do have a pop of colour in my every day jewellery pieces and it is this “Pandora Moments Fabric Cord Bracelet, Hot Pink”. Look how barbie, and girly this bracelet is. I love ittttttt. It cost £35.00 when I bought it but Pandora currently have a sale on and it is now £19.00. Absolute bargain because its so basic but brightens up any outfit which is why it has become a staple piece of mine. They sell a variety of different colours in this style ranging from purple, blues, black etc. The last jewellery piece I wear on a regular basis is this “Adidas Z04 District Mesh Watch in Gold”. I recently bought this watch from ASOS and it has already become a firm favourite of mine. Who else knew that adidas sold jewellery?? Because I certainly didn’t and I’m 100% happy with the fact that I do know now. It cost me £80.00 which is a little expensive but not as much as I thought it would be for saying its Adidas. It’s a little masculine which is what put me off at first but sat next to the hot pink bracelet really complements it.

I hope you guys enjoyed. Tell me what you think? Where do you guys get your jewellery from? Have a lovely evening.💫

PS… Is this editing of the photos a little tacky, the lines and the wiggly lines around the products? Off putting? I’m hoping to bring more designing/doodles to my blog posts/images in future posts. What do you think?


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I Have Instagram! |

This is going to be a little post but I thought it was worth the mention because finally I can now put down more than just an email link on my contact information as I finally have an Instagram account!

I’ve been wanting to make an Instagram account for awhile since creating my blog and now that I feel comfortable enough to do it I made an account the other day. I’m looking forward to this next chapter of “blogging” and gives me a chance to interact with others who blog on here or read blogs as I’m always quiet on here. I’ve named it after my blog so it’s easier to find, and hopefully it can bring out more of a creative side with my photos and editing.

I’m really excited to share photos, and just document life and blogger related things through photos and hopefully you guys will enjoy it to. So if you want head over to my instagram and give me a follow, Ive only got three photos but more will come as I get more confident with posting photos and finding some sort theme/overall meaning to the photos I share. Or maybe I’ll just post whatever the hell I want.💫

My username is -> beyondrealityblog <- I’ll follow you guys back, ignore the fact I haven’t got a bio I’m working on it aha. I hope you guys have a lovely week😊