Skincare Routine 2019

I hope you guys are well and are having a lovely relaxed Sunday, I thought I would post my take on a skincare routine that I’ve been following for the last few months and what products have been working well for me.


The cleanser I’ve currently been using and have been for the past couple of months is the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash. When I first bought this I did actually think it was a clay mask but once I took it home and saw it said “wash” I was like ah right bought the wrong one. But now looking back I’m actually glad I bought it. My skin feels soft/smoother looking and less spots have been surfacing on my face. It contains 150ml of products which is pretty reasonable, I use it 4/7 days of the week and I’ve still not used up one bottle yet. I bought it for £5.99 from Boots but they always have offers/discounts online and in store so you could probably find it for a cheaper price. The only thing I would say for those who do have dry or irritable skin like me, it can cause your face to have a extremely dry feeling after it being washed off. Which is why I make sure to moisture straight after use just so it doesn’t give me that uncomfortable tight feeling.

I think I’m the laziest person when it comes to skincare, it used to be an absolute chore for me and sometime still is. I used to put it off so much until I bought this Holika Holika Magic Tool Jelly Cleansing Puff. This little sponge is an absolute game changer when it comes to my skincare now, I use it every time I cleanse my face, I’m not sure what it is but as soon as I added this little sponge into my routine I felt more motivated with my skincare and I now always want to cleanse my face. I think due to the fact that it make my face extremely soft after using it and it gets the product into all the right places also helps. But I love it, great little tool that I use and both the cleanser and the sponge compliment each other very well together. I bought it for £4.95 from Beauty Bay and I’m 100% going to repurchase once it needs to be thrown away!


I love a good exfoliator, I probably go a bit mad on them when it comes to applying them to my face. Practically scrub my skin off but I feel so much cleaner and my skin feels more fresh when I use one. My current exfoliator is the L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Clearing Sugar Scrub. I love this stuff. First of all the smell of is is lovelyyyy, lemongrass and peppermint I could bathe in the stuff. Second of all it makes my skin GLOW. I’m glowing and smooth, that’s all I ask for and this products ticks all the boxes. I would 100% recommend, you can buy it from Boots for £9.99 and it’s worth every penny.


Still not sure what a toner does but I do actually have one in my routine…well sort of. I use the Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist. I’m not sure what it does but I love using it after I wake up or after I’ve cleansed my face just to give it a bit of moisture as my face can get extremely dry. It’s defiantly refreshing and has a lovely scent but could I live without it? Probably. But for £16 a bottle I’m not getting rid of it anytime soon until there’s no drop of product left…£16.


I’ve included both of these products into one category because I like to mix them together. The moisturiser I use on a daily basis is the No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream. No7 has never been my first choice of brand to go to and look at when in Boots but I was gifted a No7 gift set at Christmas and within the set included this moisturiser and it’s honestly got me intrigued to see what their other skincare/makeup products are like. I really enjoy using this moisturiser, it’s very light weight compared to what I’m used to but I sort of like that because I get to include face oils within my routine which is something that I couldn’t do before. You don’t get much product and I use a lot of moisturiser so I’m nearly all out but the moisturiser does the job, it has a pleasant smell and isn’t too greasy for the skin. The moisturiser is retailed for £25.00 at Boots.

The face oil that I use that I like to mix together with my moisturiser is the Simple Hydrating Oil. Mixing my moisturiser with oil is an absolute game changer for me, the oil just gives that bit extra moisture to my face that doesn’t make it overpowering or greasy. It also give my face a natural glow without looking sweaty. £6.00 from Superdrug and worth the pennies. I’m not a fan of the smell but can easily overcome that due to the outcome it gives me.


These are the products that I use but not on a daily basis. The unsung heroes. The first product I’m going to start off with is the Milk Makeup Cooling Water. I don’t use this product a lot but when I do I’m always thankful that I have it. It so refreshing and cooling for the face, I like to use it when my face is red/puff and just needs cooling down. It also gives that added moisture due to the residue it leaves on the face which is always a hit for me at the moment as my skin can be dry 24/7 or oily 24/7 but at the moment due to the weather it’s the first one. Dry. It’s a little gimmicky as it is only water but in solid form. But I reckon it will come in handy all year round and especially in summer when it gets too hot and I’m one of those people whose face goes like a tomato as soon as the sun sees it. A little pricey with its price tag being £20.59 from Cult Beauty. 🍅

No7 Hydration Mask. I also got this in my No7 gift set at Christmas and honestly it does wonders for my skin, I do like to use it as a mask but a lot of time I use it as a quick fix as it’s true to its words and it does give instant results! In seconds the product sinks in to the skin and gives instant moisture without being too overpowering or greasy. £15 from Boots and you get a lot of product. I defiantly would repurchase it in the future.

The last and finally product that I use on my face is this Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Oil. I rarely use this product but when I do it reminds me every time how much I like this product, it gives me a natural glow/highlight and I love mixing it with my moisture. It’s not heavy and just a few drops goes a long way when mixed. You don’t get a uncomfortable oily residue afterwards, it sinks straight into the skin. I’m not a big fan of the smell but I do like using it on the odd occasion when I want to switch it up a bit. It has a hefty price tag of £40 a bottle for 20ml which I was lucky enough to receive in my GlossyBox Advent Calendar last year.

I hope you guys enjoy the little read, tell me what you think and what products do you guys use when it comes to your skincare? Have a lovely evening and week ahead of you⚡️

First Impression | Milk Makeup ‘Kush’ Mascara

It has been 5 long months to get back into blogging, a lot of me writing up posts, proof reading them and then deleting them because it just wasn’t me. But now I am back I feel happier with my blog, new ideas I have for this blog and I cannot wait to share!

What good way to come back after a long break is a ‘first impressions’, old school.

“Milk Makeup” is a brand that has blown up since the past year or so or for what I’ve seen it has. I first saw Milk Makeup as a brand all over YouTube when a variety of influences made first impression videos, but what intrigued me the most and what made me do a cult beauty order just last week was Jeffree Starr Video on the Milk Makeup Kush Mascara around 9 months ago. That’s what got me first aware of the brand and the mascara and then just last week Cult Beauty announced that they now sell Milk Makeup on their website which of course I then had to make an order!


When I received the mascara in the mail and opened it up I was like damn it is heavy to hold. If you guys have watched the video where Jeffree Starr tried out the mascara then you would of heard him say that the mascara and its packaging felt heavy. In which I can confirm is true, it feels heavy and sturdy completely different to what most mascara packages are like.

In the UK the price for the mascara retails at £20.50 which is a pretty ‘high end price’ for a mascara. Brands like Benefit and Too Faced have mascara which are roughly around the £20.00. I always expect more and have higher hopes for a mascara that is more pricey to perform better and have better outcomes just because of the price you have paid.

The brush size did actually put me off at first..I’m used to smaller wands with shorter, more separated out bristles such as the benefit roller lash (my fav) but this particular mascara wand is thick and has very close together thin bristles. Reminds me a lot of the Rimmel mascaras.

Now the reason people had a lot of mixed reviews on the mascara was because of one of its main ingredients…cannabis oil. Milk Makeup explained the reasons why they used cannabis oil was because it gave “the mascara a smoother application when applied on lashes and prevented lashes from being tugged when applied and it also gives your lashes an additional conditioning benefit, making them healthy looking.”

Overall since me first using the mascara and times after that I have come to like the mascara, as you can see from my pictures (sorry for the trash quality) my lashes look lengthening and separated giving me a more fuller eye look. I do have to say due to the size of the mascara wand I did find it difficult to apply the mascara to my bottom lashes as I always ended up smudging.



Smudging also occurred later on in the day when I began to wear the mascara in, I don’t know whether that’s due to my body temperature, the weather or due to its hydrating ingredients that’s causing it to smudge but I do end up with a slight mark near my eyes bags near towards the end of the day which is a bit of a pain.


  • Lengthens Lashes
  • Lashes look fuller
  • Clump Free
  • Doesn’t tug on your lashes when being applied


  • It smudges easily
  • Wand is too thick for bottom lashes (causes smudging)
  • Not Water Proof